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    Seat Rec? And flying rec's?

    Question one: My husband drives a 97 Jeep Cherokee. We currently have a Graco Safe Seat Step 1 in it. My son is now too long, and has exceeded the recommendations, so we need to get a new one for his car. My son is currently 18 months old and is just now 31.5 inches long, and weighs 23 pounds. Yes, he is a bit on the small side. I have a Britax Boulevard in my truck, and it is great, though goodness help us if we ever need to get it in or out! Which is unfortunatly often because my little man is very messy and very clever. I've just about decided even on the longer trips he can't have any snack or drink, but I'm not that mean. *g*

    Anyway, the backseat of the Jeep spits in such a manner that even the car seat technition had trouble getting the base on the Safe Seat to sit right. It always wants to tilt to the passenger side and even with the noodles it would eventually do that, and we'd have to reset it. I have no problem keeping him rear facing. So what would you all recommend for this car?

    Question two: a favorite from what I understand... I am flying with my son on the 11th, and coming back the 20th. I've printed off the regs I dug up from on here, I've called Southwest Airlines (if it makes any difference) and got verbal confirmation and printed off from their website, that there is nothing that prevents me installing my convertable seat in the rear-facing position, even if his feet touch. If anyone gives me flak, I am to ask to see where in their Red Book, or regs it states his feet can't touch, and if necessary, ask for a ground supervisor. We will be taking the Britax Blvd. with us, do I need to ask for a belt extender? Does anyone know? Is there anything else I need to know?

    Off Topic but sort of related - Also, I know he is 18 months old, but this is a four hour flight. He is allergic to milk. I am considering claiming his soy milk as baby formula, since he is smallish, and taking it with me. Otherwise he'll be left with juice, soda, and water. Which- water is great, but not for four straight hours. Thoughts?

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    Re: Seat Rec? And flying rec's?

    Have you tried installing your BV in the Jeep using the RF lock-offs? I kind of wonder if a BV or MA (or other Britax convertible) would work well in there, since maybe using both RF lock-offs on the seat belt might prevent tipping. Plus, you could try to RF tether to offset the tip.

    The belt extender is mainly needed for FF installs. When RF, though, the buckle of the plane's belt will be underneath DS' legs. Sometimes a belt extender will allow you to avoid that issue, but you don't HAVE to have one. Since it sounds like you're bringing the BV, remember that the Britax convertibles have holes in the covers so that you can install them RF without lifting the cover up to thread the belt through the RF belt path; you can install with the belt going over the cover.

    If the soy milk is medically necessary, you should be able to take "reasonable" amounts of it (more than 3 oz) on the plane. I would recommend that you get a Dr's prescription or letter of medical necessity and claim it as a "medication".
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