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    Question FF Graco Platinum Cargo

    My DH took our 94 Saturn Coupe with FF Graco Platinum Cargo to be inspected today. I am NOT happy with the install at all. The woman (I'm sorry but I can't call her a tech!) had him install, but didn't even check it after he did it. I went and pulled on it - it moves ALL OVER the backseat. I had it way tighter than that!

    The woman said we couldn't use pool noodles under a FF carseat. The seats have a very deep bucket, so the tech who installed our RF Evenflo put two together (with duct tape) to flatten out the seat. Can you really not use pool noodles FF?

    Also, the woman said we didn't need a top tether even though the seatbelts are in front of the byte of the seat. What???

    Thank you so much!

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    Well, the tech wasn't the greatest - but from what you describe neither was the last one.

    *yes, top tethers are a Very Good Thing, however they are not required in the US. It doesn't really make a difference as far as that goes what kind of seatbelts you have. If you can have anchors installed, my recommendation is always to do so as top tethers reduce the distance your child's head travels forward in a crash.
    Just remember that tethers and LATCH are not the same thing and LATCH can not be installed in your vehicle.

    *NO, you absolutely can NOT use pool noodles behind a FF seat. Ever. Pool noodles are used to adjust the recline of RF seats.

    *The seat should move less than 1" at the belt path. The tech should have checked that.
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    Not much more to add to Rebekah's reply:

    • NEVER use noodles for FF seats
    • top tether can help, but is not required (some dealers will add for free)
    • check for less than 1" movement at the belt path
    Except ... was the CarGo's red "Sleep (recline) Bar" on the bottom tested in both positions to see if that might help with the install Also, maybe you could try a Fisher Price Safe Voyage Deluxe instead of the CarGo? It's base is just like the Britax Marathon/Boulevard, which installed very well for me last year in a rental I had with deep countoured seats
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    thank you

    Thank you all so much for the info. Tiffany I may have to get a FP - the base looks perfect for our seats.

    Thanks again!

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