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    Convertible seat for Impreza WRX

    Hello everyone!

    I am new here, but very familiar with forums and have searched all five pages of posts relating to the topic in question. I really appreciate all of the informaiton but have a little more specific question that I could use some help with...

    I drive an 02 Impreza WRX. I LOVE the car in the Minnesota winters and have had friends who have raced them as well as daily drove them and swear by the safety factor. Anyway, we had our first kid seven months ago, and because he LOVES TO EAT, he's out "fatted" :P his infant seat so it's time to go to a convertible. Anyone that has seen an Impreza knows that there isn't a lot of room in the back seats, and use the middle of the rear for two reasons: 1. To take advantage of the room between the front seats and 2. Because I like him in the middle of the car incase I get hit from either side it would allow the car to crunch and not physically hit him.

    So, as of right now, I am considering teh following models and would LOVE any feedback you could provide. I am partial to the Recaro seats but I have seen pictures and read posts about them being quite large.

    Recaro Signo
    Recaro Como
    Batrix Boulevard
    Britax Marathon

    Maxi-Cosi - but the max weight is 40lbs.
    Britax Diplomat - but same max weight.

    Anyway, thank you in advance for any feedback or reviews that you could offer, and thank you SillyLilly for THIS THREAD!!!

    Here is a pic of the base showing where I like to have my little guy:

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