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    2006 Valco Runabout Trimode Review

    2006 Valco Runabout Tri Mode Review

    Photo Courtesy of Valco,

    My full review of this stroller has been moved to Epinions:

    My photos can be found in the gallery


    Stable, sturdy and Smooooth- on all terrain. Easy to steer, compact fold with wheels removed


    Poor manual, harness adjustments, folding requires a few steps, no cupholder or snack tray


    The 2006 Valco Runabout Tri-mode is the newest version of the popular Runabout single all-terrain stroller. It competes directly against 3-wheel models like the Mountain Buggy Urban Single (MBUS), Bob Revolution, Baby Jogger City Single (BJCS), Phil and Ted’s e3, Adventure Buggy Everest (ABC) and others. These strollers all share medium sized, air-filled tires suitable for indoors, sidewalks or bumpy terrain. With the front wheel locked, they can also be used for power walking or occasional light jogging, but they are not a full-time jogging stroller replacement. The Runabout has been a solid contender and a favorite among parents. The new updates may put it among the top in the class. All the improvements did increase the price somewhat, but Valco did manage to reduce the weight by about two pounds. It weighs roughly 17 pounds without the wheels and around 25 pounds with the wheels. That isn't light, but still very reasonable for an all-terrain model.


    Overall, this is an awesome stroller so far and I really enjoy walking with it more than any other stroller I've used. I haven't had it long enough to discover any major durability issues, but it seems very well made with quality welds throughout the frame and solid metal fasteners and snaps everywhere. The Runabout Trimode seems to be most comparable to the MBUS and I had a tough time deciding between the two. Really, I don't think I could have gone wrong with either one. For about the same price, the Tri-Mode gives you a few extra features, sportier styling and improvements like a better hood and more storage. You can also upgrade the Tri-Mode to a double with the optional toddler accessory. On the other hand, the MBUS has its characteristic, spartan styling, somewhat easier steering, easier fold and is a few pounds lighter.

    If you are buying an all-terrain stroller, I highly recommend that you consider the Valco Runabout Tri Mode. I also recommend Jo and Melissa at; I purchased mine there and am very happy with their expert, personal service. If you are shopping around, definitely give them a call for a change from the typical big online baby store. They even have a stroller consultation service on their website and can help parents select among competitive models like the BJCS, Zooper Boogie/Zydeco, Bumbleride Rocket, Phil and Ted's E3 and Bob Revolution.

    I have a photo gallery of my Tri Mode that shows a number of the features:

    Valco's international portal website is here, though the USA website hasn't been updated to include the 2006 models as of this writing:

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