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    Question infant vs convertible

    What is the benefit of buying an infant seat over a convertilbe? I have noticed that the convertible seats permit infants from 5-40 pounds and the infants seats are from 5-20 pounds. Are there additional features specifically for infants in the smaller seats?

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    Infant seats fit small babies so much better. Unless you have a baby with an exceptionally long torso, very few babies actually fit a convertible seat from birth.
    If you click on my car seat page you'll see pictures of my daughter at about 3 months old in a Britax Roundabout (RA) and two different infant seats. She's well below the bottom harness slots of the RA, and fits beautifully in the infant seats. IIRC, she weighed about 9-10 lbs when the pics were taken.
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    Convenience generally. You can just take out the whole seat when eating out, grocery shopping, etc instead of waking baby (my kids slept every time they got in the car). Some people love having convertibles from birth, but I really liked the convenience.
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