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    Newbie- question on Britax and Acura MDX

    our daughter is 9 months old and while still fits fine in her infant seat, we are getting a bigger seat, and a new car.

    We have it narrowed down to the Acura MDX, Lexus GX470 and the Mercedes Gl450. My issue with the later 2 is there are no safety tests out there on them! So we are leaning towards the MDX although I like the look of the other 2 better. However, I keep telling myself we are buying for SAFTEY and reliability. :-)

    My question is, does anyone know if the Britax Diplomat will fit in the middle seat of the MDX?

    Thoughts on the Diplomat? I know it only goes to 40 pounds, but I like that. Makes me think she will be more comfy in it vs. it being built for someone UP to 70+ pounds...
    thoughts? THANKS for your help. My 1st time up there.

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    CPS Fanatic Mommy2Marcus's Avatar
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    Re: Newbie- question on Britax and Acura MDX

    I think that any of the cars would be fine, but that is my opinion. However what I really wanted to chime in on was the car seat you're lookin at. I would skip the Diplomat. Not only b/c it only goes to 40lbs, but b/c it has a short shell & will not last you very long. Your child will outgrow it RF before she really should be FF & long before she is ready for a booster seat.

    Also you would be really amazed at how well the bigger seats, like the Marathon, fit smaller kids. So I say go for the Marathon or Boulavard if you want to stick with Britax!
    Krista Mommy 2 Marcus, 6 years old, 48 inches tall, 40-42lbs, 16 inch torso & riding in a Graco Safety Surround!!

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    Re: Newbie- question on Britax and Acura MDX

    I agree with Mommy2Marcus.

    We leased a 2005 Acura MDX before. The Britax Boulevard fit great & will keep kiddo safer RF longer as well as safer in the harness longer later, too. That was a pretty easy vehicle to fit carseats in, though, so I'd hazard to say you could fit almost any convertible carseat there in properly. Some might be easier than others, but I don't foresee any major issues.

    In the Articles/News/Media sub area of this forum is a recommended seats list outlining the benefits of various options. Just make sure to follow both vehicle + carseat manuals.... Happy shopping!
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