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    Why do they do that

    We are looking at a Chevy Venture Warner Bros. Edition (the 2002 is AWD) and it comes standard with 8 passenger seating. The driver, passenger, three separate seats in the middle row, and a bench for three people in the rear. My question is, why would Chevy only offer LATCH on the two outside seats in the middle row, and not on the middle seat which is the safest place to put your child?

    This was true on the 2001s, however, we are not sure of the 2002s since no one has them in stock yet so we can go look.

    Any ideas?


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    Two reasons-

    1) Cost, they are meeting the minimum requirement.

    2) Confusion. With three sets of LATCH seats, they may be concerned that parents would mix up which anchors to use in each position.

    I'm not saying they're doing the right thing, but that's probably why.

    I don't have my manual handy, I'll answer your quesion on the Passat tomorrow if no one does before me.

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    cps tech

    Also, there might not be space

    The specs for LATCH anchors require that the anchors be a certain distance apart so that they will work with all LATCH seats. Most vehicle seats simply aren't wide enough to accomodate 3 sets of anchors.


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    RE: Also, there might not be space

    I don't think that confusion about which LATCH to use would be the issue since the one that we were looking at has three individual seats for the middle row (the outside two of which have LATCH anchors). Spacing could be the problem. I will have to go look at them and measure. Looking at the seats with the naked eye though makes it look close. We didn't see much difference (if any) in the width of the three seats. There definitely could be. Cost could definitely be the issue. I will research this further, although, I am open for any information.

    Thank You,



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