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    Lou J

    Safest way to transport a baby in a taxi?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to this site and would really appreciate some advice.

    We live in central Hong Kong and don't have or need our own car, we go everywhere by taxi (cheap and plentiful and no parking problems!)

    But we are expecting our first baby in 7 weeks and I am so confused about the safest way to carry him in a taxi.

    I have looked at buying a Travel System 2-in-1 stroller/car seat, which would be great when going out for day trips (ie put baby in car seat, put car seat in taxi and then put it in the stroller for walking around when we get to our destination).

    But these small car seats are only suitable for the first 6-9 months, from then on it seem that everyone buys a big car seat which stays permanently in the car. So what are you supposed to do from 9 months on if you don't have a car?

    The big car seat won't be at all practical as they don't fit in the strollers so will have to be carried separately along with the baby etc. So is there anything else? I was thinking about something like the seat belt extenders toddlers use on planes, where the child is on your knee attached to a seat belt which is then attached to your seat belt.

    Anyone know if such a thing exists for cars? Or of any other option to make taxi travel safe?

    Thanks in advance,

    Best wishes,


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    Some ideas for you:

    Infant carriers like those in travels systems are fine up until 20-22 pounds, except for the tallest of babies.

    For safety, children should remain rear-facing to at least 20 pounds AND 1 year of age, preferably longer.

    Unfortunately, that does mean that you may have to purchase a convertible carseat. Technically, these are not permanently installed. Many people do remove and re-install these seats daily when moving them from vehicle to vehicle. Some models do have features to make them a bit easier to install. The Britax Roundabout, Britax King and Fisher Price Safe Embrace (Discontinued) come to mind for being easier than average to install because of the built-in locking clips or other features. These are still heavy and bulky, but may be a necessary "evil" for safe travel.

    Another good option for you a bit later is the Britax Laptop. It is small and light, and installs very easily with a lap or lap/shoulder belt. It is only for children 30-65 pounds, though. See:

    If safety is the main concern, it is best to keep your child in a rear-facing carseat with a 5-point harness as long as possible. In the USA, that means until the 30-35 pound limit of most convertible carseats. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the laws/models appropriate to Hong Kong. There may be some type of seatbelt extension system which is legal there, but nothing of that type is going to be nearly as safe as a good rear-facing convertible carseat.

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    This option may interest you!



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