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    Britax Regent or Parkway or a combination seat ?

    My son is 3 years and 3 months old, weighs 34 lbs and is 39 ".
    We need his 'Britax Roundabout' for our infant and we want to buy him a bigger carseat.
    He is probably to young and small for a booster seat, right ? I'm also worried that you can not install a booster seat w/LATCH - so the seat is sliding around in the back ?
    I looked at the combination seats and I didn't find a modell I really liked.
    I also took a look at the Regent. It's a nice carseat but I'm worried that my son does not want to stay in a 5 point harness system when he is 4 because his friends have a booster seat, too. So it might be a battle every time he has to use the car seat.
    Any suggestions ?

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    We have a Husky and my 5 1/2 year old still uses it in our primary car. She has asked about it and I tell her I won't negotiate safety.

    Motor Vehicle Crashes are the #1 cause of death for children and adults, ages 1 to 34.
    For friends I just say the above quote.


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    I totally agree with Karen. You can see in my signature that my dd is almost 5 (but the size of her almost-7yo friends, at 46.5 inches tall and 48 pounds) and she rides in a harnessed seat 95% of the time, in a Parkway about 3% of the time and a Laptop the rest of the time. We both MUCH prefer the harness.

    First and foremost, it is safer.

    See these crash test video comparisons of a properly installed harnessed seat and a belt positioning booster:

    You are the parent--you cannot let peer pressure dictate your choices regarding the safety of your child. As Karen said, car crashes are the #1 killer of everyone age 1-34 in the United States. Car crashes kill more children than all childhood diseases combined. We put so much energy into making sure our children wear helmets when they ride a bike, make sure they look both ways before crossing the street, we put outlet covers over plug-ins when they are babies, but the reality is that the chances of our children being injured or killed by any of those risky things is miniscule compared to the chances of them being injured or killed in the car.

    If you present the harnessed seat in a positive manner (show your son the crash test videos, explain to him that you want to keep him as safe as possible because you love him so much, tell him that racecar drivers use harnesses because they're safer), chances are your son will love his harnessed seat.

    Also, click on the link in my signature and you'll go to a photo album of older, heavier kids (some 8 years old) in harnessed seats. That might be the perfect sort of "reverse" peer pressure that would work when he's a bit older and questioning why his friends are in boosters, or out of seats alltogether.

    "When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people." ~Abraham Joshua Hesche

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    My son was exactly the same age and size as yours when we got the Regent! He will be in it until he is at least 5. His safety is more important than what his friends with uniformed parents are doing.

    My 6 year old even wants a Regent now and she has been in a booster for over a year!

    Its a great seat and my son loves it. He is now 3.5 years old.


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    My son is also the same age, same weight, and height. I bought the regent. We both love it. I thought about the marathon (65#, 49"), but I want my son in a 5 point harness as long as possible, and the regent just looked more comfortable. All of my son's friends are in boosters, but he prefers his "special comfy seat" and asks his friends why they don't have the same. He is very proud of his seat - its all in the presentation!

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    When my oldest outgrows her Marathon by height (less than 1/2" before she's at the top harness slots), I intend to get her a Regent rather than move her to a booster seat because I want her to be harnessed as long as possible. I tell her that race car drivers use 5-point harnesses because it keeps them safer and she likes that she is harnessed, too. She will watch NASCAR with DH and I and make comments about the drivers in their special carseats, LOL.

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    I go a slightly different route - we're going to be buying a minivan soon and when we do my soon-to-be 8 yo will be getting a Regent. He's currently in a Turbo Booster and is a real wiggle worm, which makes him a danger to himself and anyone else in the car, as well as a distraction to me as the driver. Will he like it? probably not. But when it comes to safety issues, the most say he's going to get is "which cover do you want?"

    I'm all for avopiding the vast majority of power struggles, but some things are just non-negotioable, kwim? This is definately a case of "you will do it because I say you will."

    But then, I'm mean like that.
    Rebekah Branch, CPST from May 2005 until June 2011
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    Exactly ... I don't let my preschool daughter run into the street or smoke a cigarette & car safety is also NON-NEGOTIABLE in my home

    My almost 8 yr old SD rides in the Husky & absolutely loves it -- we did living room floor role play scenarios comparing harness vs. booster & she watched the crash tests & saw the photo album of other kids harnessed past the minimum ... I explained that I love her & want her as safe as possible & she agrees, so even though her mom doesn't use a booster anymore according to State Law I know that it's the Law of PHYSICS that matter -- she doesn't yet pass the 5 Step Test so she still uses a seat with me ... after all this it was her choice between the booster or harness & she chose the harness.

    My 4 yr old DD on the other hand wanted to choose the booster (she uses one in her grandparent's car only because they have severe arthritis & nerve damage), but she doesn't get that choice in my car because she's too young -- she will be harnessed until she reaches the maximum limits of the seat & since we have the Husky, that means 80# or when her shoulders are above the harness slots ... after the Husky she will be in a booster regardless of her age until she does pass the 5 Step Test
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