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    hay, im looking at a physics investigation and i need some info on car saftey features and stuff like that. eg ABS, airbags and other saftey features along with things like aero dinamics and stuff. so if someone could send me some info at or on this i would really appreiciat it

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    Two sites which should have some good info...

    First, the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (a division of the DOT) has information on its site about buying a safer car. Their home page can be found at .

    Also, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety is an independend agency which researcheds vehicle safety. They have info on ABS & airbags here. Their main home page can be found at .

    Both sites also contain crash test data. Some consumer sites like may also have good articles about safety features on vehicles.


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    One more link....

    Our own vehicle safety guide and links pages:

    Good luck!


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    hay, thanks for that, i got alot of good information from those. is ther any chance that you also know a site on aerodinamics and things like crumple zones or crash reports? but thanks anyway

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    Hmmm. Well...

    For aerodinamics you might try an auto racing site or two. Otherwise, you may just have to take what you know about aerodinamics and infer how it would interact with a vehicle.

    What do you mean by "crash reports"? If you're looking for statistics from actual vehicle crashes (BTW, safety advocates avoid the term "accident"), try the NHTSA site I listed above. I know it has at least some data; in fact, I think it has an interactive database with crash data. There are other sites with information compiled, but unfortunately, I don't have them bookmarked. A well worded internet search should turn up more, however. If you want information on a local level, try your County Sherrif's office, Highway Patrol or state DOT.

    No ideas on crumple zones. Sorry.

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    still searching

    hay, thanx for the information but whay\t do you know about collasible steering colums, and the physics behind car design and saftey. thanx Brian



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