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Thread: Help!

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    We recently purchased a 5-series BMW wagon. We specifically sought out a 2000 model because it came standard with child safety seat anchor tethers. We contacted the company and they confirmed that the 2000 models came standard with this feature. We then bought a 2000 model and when we got it home found that the tether anchors were not installed and our car was made in August of 1999 one month prior to the anchors being factory installed.

    As this was represented as a 2000 model car, we have spent the last three months trying to get BMW to remedy the situation by installing the anchor points. They have been completely unhelpful- telling us to attach the tether to the plastic luggage hooks, suggesting that we simply not use teh tether, and refusing to authorize the work because of "potential liability" to the company for performing "after- factory" work on the car.
    Any suggestions as to where to go from here? Help!

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    Re: Help!


    Are you already dealing with BMW, or just the dealer? If you are just talking to the dealer, you might try another one. I've heard various reports of BMW dealers being unhelpful in regard to tether anchor installations.

    My understanding from my tether manual is that even the 1999 5-series should have three designated anchoring points (My manual does not specify wagon or sedan for the 5-series). There should be some information about this in your owner's manual under "Installing Child Seats." If there are indeed pre existing locations to install an anchor, intallation may not be too difficult to do yourself. You may find the locations already have a threaded weld nut, and you simply have to cut away some carpet in the cargo area floor and use a socket to screw in the bolt holding the tether anchor. BMW may or may not have a parts kit to install an anchor. If not, you may be able to use a generic 5/16" anchor kit, such as those often supplied by carseat manufacturers.

    Their comments about liability are interesting. If they told you to tether to a plastic luggage hook in writing, that is a pretty serious liability risk, too.

    The number for BMW USA is 1-800-831-1117. If you haven't talked to them, give it a try and ask to see if they have a manager or specialist on child passenger safety issues.

    Good luck!


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    cant believe that

    hay, i cant believe that you would pay all that money for a new m5 and didn't look for the buckle first! if you cant find one, u can always go to the dealer or city BMW! they should be able to sell one to you!



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