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    Safety first forerunner with latch?

    I'm looking for opinions on this seat...

    I require,
    a) a convertible
    b) one with latch so i can finally use this feature found in my vehicle
    c) that is fairly narrow, this is why this is my first choice
    to start with, since this seat is placed beside others

    The seat is for a toddler who is about 31 pounds and just 3. Also i will comment long term use isn't a concern, if another seat is needed before 40 pounds that is ok, i prefer the head support found in a convertible as opposed to a combo model.

    I also noticed this model(forerunner) appears to have quite a different buckle style than other cosco seats is that an improvement or just for looks.

    Thank you for your input

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    Oh! i'm sorry i posted this in the wrong place.....

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    I have the same questions as you do!

    I've done quite a bit of research and I too have narrowed down my choice to the Safety first forerunner because it's narrow, well padded, has 3 position buckle, suitable height and weight limits and the new Latch system plus more. My only problem is that I haven't been able to find any reviews of this car seat and I'm not sure if it's worth the higher price compared to others. If anyone can offer any advice I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks alot.

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    Re: I have the same questions as you do!

    The Safety 1st Forerunner is similar to the Cosco Triad and the Cosco Touriva. It uses the same shell, but has some minor changes with a nicer cover and newer buckle system.

    The Touriva is a very good budget seat that tends to fit a wide range of children and vehicles. As a budget seat, it also lacks many convenience features found in pricier models. The Triad and Forerunner are a bit more upscale. They are certainly safe when used properly, but only you can decide if they have the features that will help you use them properly every time. If you like it, go ahead and try it, but as with any carseat make sure you have a good return policy in case you find it doesn't work well for you. You can also have it checked by a technician for free before you return it, please visit our "Free Carseat Inspection" resource link under the top banner.

    Good luck!



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