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    Our Van Was Destroyed at WalMart (Graphic Pictures)

    So Now what do I do. I am still in a daze and this all has not really hit me yet. I needed to run to Walmart and Exchange a few things yesterday (July 4th) and get some munchies for a pool party we are going to today. I always go with just me and the kids. Well something said take DH with too. So we all jumped in the Van and hit the McDonalds drive through for breakfast sandwiches which we never do. We parked at Walmart and ate them. Then just as we finished getting the kids out. some one in a red car pulled in next to us on the passenger side, but I did not think anything about it since we were in a parking lot.

    We went about our shopping and about 15 minutes later we hear over the loud speaker something about a white Grand Caravan with our license #. So DH heads out to see what the deal was. I figured I left my lights on or something. Then I just could not shop I was stopped I could hardly breath I knew something was wrong, and called DH's Cell he said the van was on FIRE. I left my basket and grabbed the kids and ran.

    I got out to the parking lot and my Van was destroyed. It did not help that it was also 112 degrees in Phoenix also.

    So the guy that pulled in next to us on the Passenger side his car was on fire.

    This lit my Van on Fire. But it had a bit of an explosion to it also. It was horrible and the smell was more than I could take. I am so thankful and appreciative that my DH was with us because I dont know how I would have gotten through this with out him. I started to scream and freak out, he calmed me so I did not scare the kids.

    If I did not have DH with me I would have still been getting the kids out of the van and getting the cart when the van caught fire. In fact I would have most likely at that time been getting DD out on the Passenger side. I would have been blown up in the small explosion and my kids would have been still strapped in.

    I am so shaken up, and the guy that pulled in on fire did not speak english. So all my DH could make out was that the guy was headed back to Mexico and needed a few things at Walmart.

    So I had my DD 3.5 yrs. old with me and my DS 10 months old with me, and my Saving Grace DH. But I had 2 MA and a Regent in my Van that are Gone now.

    I have only had this van 3.5 months.

    So while we were waiting in the Fire truck so the kids did not breath the fire or get over heated, I remembered I had the camera. I sent DH to take pictures and this is what he took.

    Mom to DD 10/02/04, DS 8/12/07, Angel baby boy 3/15/11

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