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    Sedan or Wagon?

    We're expecting our first baby, and are planning to buy a car since our current car is two doors. It
    Won’t convenient for using the car seat. I checked the sedan and wagon. The
    Difference is the cargo space. I like the look of sedan, but wagon has much
    Bigger cargo space. So after the baby arrives, do we expect to have lots of stuff to carry in the car which needs big cargo space?


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    Three things I wish I'd considered before buying a wagon...

    1) Trunk space. Believe it or not, some wagons have less trunk space than some sedans! You should be able to find the numbers online somewhere (maybe Also, look at where the wheel wells hit. The ones on our car take a huge chunk out of the trunk space. We assumed that wagon automatically meant space. Our Camry sedan actually had more room than our SW2!

    2) Tether anchors - where are they located? This won't be a real issue until you turn your toddler's car seat front facing well over a year from now; however, it is definitely worth considering! The tether anchors in my wagon (a Saturn) are located on the "tail gate." This means when my kids' seats are tethered, the tether crosses the entire trunk area, leaving me virtually no storage space at all back there! Other wagons have the tether anchors located on the seats themselves. That set up is much nicer.

    3) How will you secure items that are in your trunk? Anything back there could become a projectile if you are in a crash. Do you really want to be hit in the head by a stroller that is flying 50 miles per hour? Even a book that hits you going fairly fast can do some major damage or even kill you. Make sure you have the dealer include tie down straps & netting for your cargo area and use them!

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    Re: Three things I wish I'd considered before buying a wagon

    As Ulrike said, a lot depends on which model you buy. Obviously a midsize sedan like a Chevy Impala may have more passenger and cargo space than a compact wagon.

    We really like our Subaru wagon. The Legacy wagons are very nice overall. Also see our guide on safe vehicles:

    Good luck!




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