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    Car Seat Obsession Realization

    Beginning in Nov/Dec 2007 I began my car seat obsession. Finding out what was really safest for DS (since I knew he was about to out grow his AOE - and at the time had no idea there were so many car seats available)

    We live down the street from 2 schools - a K-8 Catholic school and the public elementary school. The field for the public elementary school is used for many different sports throughout the year.

    Last night I took DS out on his scooter (and bike). I began peering into the windows of the cars parked on the curb while the parents were off watching their kids play - soccer and baseball last night. Ages are probably 4-9. More than 50% of the cars had no seats of any sort in them. I did see a few Costco high backs, 1 britax marathon and a snugride.

    I was amazed and appalled all at the same time. CA Law is 6 and 60 (soon to be 8 and 80 I've heard). There were so many little kids running around on that field that I'm sure that HBB should have been the minimum to see.

    All that to say - THANK YOU to all that share their knowledge and for helping me (the clueless) make wiser decisions for our children.

    PS - I recall seeing a pamphlet a while back on this board about ERF and EH. Is it printable - could someone email it to me to print so I can stick it on their windshield?

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    Re: Car Seat Obsession Realization

    The one on ERF is on

    Mommy to my angel, Ethan Daniel (8/5/07-8/6/07)
    Mommy to Nicholas (12-29-08) RF'ed to 2.75 yrs in Graco MyRide(crashed) and a True Fit Primier. FF in the TFP and a Graco Nautilus Elite. Nicholas is 2.75 yrs old, 32 lbs and 36" tall.
    Child Passenger Safety Tech

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