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    Proper cleaning & maintenance of a car seat

    I do a lot of work w/children & use several different size car seats (the size depending upon the age/size of child I am transporting). How do you clean the fabric portion of the car seat? Can you throw it in the washer & dryer? Or will that shrink? I can't find a care label anywhere on the car seats & need to know before I ruin them trying to clean them.

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    Proper cleaning and maintenance

    I have three different car seats/booster seats. The cleaning directions are in the owner's manuals. All three (FP Safe Embrace HBBooster, Quest booster/fivepoint harness, and FP Futura 20/60) say that the cover can be removed and washed in cool water on the gentle cycle. For drying one says to hang up to dry, one say to dry on low setting and one says to dry on the air/fluff(no heat) setttin.

    I have always washed them in the washer in lukewarm water and hung them over a wooden drying rack to dry.

    I wipe down the shell with a damp sponge or wash cloth made damp with water with a little dish soap in it. If the straps are soiled I wipe them with a cloth with plain water.

    **Just be careful to pay close attention to how you take it apart, so you can get it back together properly if you don't have the owner's manual. You can probably get owners manuals for the seats by calling the company.

    I pay special attention to the buckles and so on to make sure they are clean and free of sticky stuff and crumbs.


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    Great advice

    If no instructions are available, and calling the manufacturer is not practical, err on the side of caution.

    Hand wash or Machine Wash on the gentle cycle in cold or warm water. Use a very mild detergent like Woolite. Hang to air-dry.

    Avoid the use of strong detergents, bleaches or any other additives. If you must machine dry, do so on the gentlest cycle at low or no heat.

    Good luck!

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    child safety seat maitenance

    Thanks for the info!! It is a big help!

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