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    JEEP Wrangler Owners Info. Requested

    I am considering a wrangler and would like to know more information as to when the thether anchor was introduced for FF. I am also looking for exmaples of how people are using the back seat with a FF toddler seat when the tethers are not present. Pictures would be GREAT. Thank you for your help.

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    CPS Technician crunchierthanthou's Avatar
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    Re: JEEP Wrangler Owners Info. Requested

    What year are you looking at? How old and what size child(ren) will ride in it? What seats do you currently own?

    I'm not a wrangler owner, but I can give you the tether information from the LATCH manual.

    The Wrangler has had TAs in the outboard positions since 2001 (with full LATCH making an appearance in the 03 MY). TAs are on the floor of the cargo area behind the seat.

    The 2000 MY can have TAs retrofitted in the outboard positions. The part number is 05066347AA. Refer to Technical Service Bulletin 23-008-00 Rev B. It doesn't look like they are available for the 1987-99 Wranglers.

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    CPS Technician skipspin's Avatar
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    Re: JEEP Wrangler Owners Info. Requested

    We have a 97 Wrangler that we have installed TAs in. It's a long complicated story, but it CAN be done, just not easily. Thankfully my husband has lots of car experience (he worked in a body shop for 3 years), and I had the time to gather the right information and we did it right.

    That said, it would be best for you to get a 2000 or newer Wrangler- then it's easy! A lot of FFing toddler seats will fit in the Wrangler, actually. How old/heavy is your child? My daughter was actually RFing in our Wrangler till she was 2.5 and weighed 32 lbs. She prefered it and loved the view out the back. RFing is always safer and since the Wrangler aren't the *most safe* vehicles (no side airbags, smaller size, etc) I always wanted my kids the safest they could be- and RFing is significantly safer! I've had several seats in the back:

    Britax Boulevard/Wizard- great seat, easy to instal, safe, but not a lot of leg room for kiddo since it sits so high. My slmost 5 yr old just started stiing in her BLVD in the wrangler again with no complaints.

    Recaro Young Sport- probably my favorite for it's great SIP and more leg room, but it only harnesses to 40#, so except for the tall and lightweight crowd it's a lot of $$ for the legnth of time you can use it harnessed.

    Radian- great seat, mostly easy install, not a lot of SIP, but harnessed is still a lot safer than a booster!

    Evenflo Chase- not my favorite seat, but it did fit well, etc.

    Some seats that I think would also work, but I haven't tried are the Graco Nautilus and the Britax Frontier.

    ETA: I wouldn't like the idea of using a FFing seat without TA since the back of the front seats are so close. TAs reduce head excursion, so they make it less likely that the child would impact the seat in front of them. That said, if I wan going to use a seat without a TA I'd probably prefer a seat that has a lower profile (not on a large base) AND a seat where the shoulderbelt helps secure the seat either with a lockoff (like the Britax convertibles) or through the beltpath (like the LBP for the Frontier and a RYS.) We installed out TA when our daughter was getting close to outgrowing her seat RFing. We'll have to install another one when our son is close to outgrowing his seat RFing.

    9 yr old in a pink zebra NBB and 5-stepping
    6 yr DS1 old in a Harmony
    4 yr old DS2 in a Nautilus and Radian
    18 mo DS3 rfing in a MyRide65

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    Re: JEEP Wrangler Owners Info. Requested

    Thanks for all the great info. Does anyone have images of the yr2000 retrofit installed? Would be a great reference.

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