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    The history of buckle pals

    I guess she is from around me as this was in a local paper. I know they had been talked about here, so I figured it may interest some of you.
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    Kelley Daron

    Re: The history of buckle pals

    Hello members,

    My name is Kelley Daron and I am the inventor and owner of the products that you are discussing. I thought I would make myself available to you and participate in your insightful discussions. I enjoy all of your feedback - both of critical acclaim and positive endorsement. Thank you so much for giving it the time. Your organization has a wonderful mission.

    I really liked your input on our Cling 'N Go product - I do think in future versions we will minimize the contact with the straps at the top near the baby's shoulders. It is a simple modification and has no bearing on the ease with which the product works.

    Safety is a priority as we bring products to market.

    Look forward to chatting here with anyone who would like to do so.

    Thank you!
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