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    Please help me decide

    My 4 yr old dd is going to be outgrowing her roundabout soon. She is currently 32 lbs and 39 inches.

    I've been reading the boards here and other sites and the choices I'm considering are:

    Britax Husky or Regent- I trust the brand, but my dd still sleeps in the car a lot and I'm concerned that it doesn't seem to have the sides stick out enough for her to rest her head.

    Sunshine Kids Radian - Looks like a nice seat but have seen several posts that it's hard to install.

    Recaro Young Sport - I just don't know much about this seat and have never seen one in person.

    I would really appreciate input on deciding which of these will work best. I will most likly have to order online so I don't want to have to return it.

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    The husky/regent- It does have sides that stick out but that are set farer apart than in the roundabout. If you used a crib pillow or something it should help though. My DS is 2.5 and in a husky, I use one of his stuffed animals on the rare occasion he falls asleep.

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    First off, you have to decide how long you want your daughter harnessed. If you only want her in a harness for another two years (which will probably be guaranteed with how little she is) than the Recaro is a GREAT choice as it will save you money for a booster when she reaches 40 pounds.

    If you want her harnessed 2+ years, the Husky/Regent is probably a good idea. For younger children, it usually doesn't offer much sleeping support, but since she is 4, I'd think that you'd be fine with a Husky. You'd have to try her out to be sure though.

    I don't have any clue on the Radian because I've never had one or played around with one, BUT if you have younger children to pass a seat down to, this might be a good one to get. You could harness her for 2 or 3 years, and than pass it down to a child that may need to RF.

    (If it were me, I'd probably go with the Husky/Regent just because I like to keep kids harnessed in their primary vehicles until they are at least 8, but there really isn't a way to go wrong with any of these because all are so great )

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