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    I've never had a good car seat story to tell:

    until today! There is a lady who works at the high school who is a know-it-all and extensive researcher. She was buying a car seat for her grand daughter this week and spent all day Monday on the computer looking. She checked consumer reports, and then recall lists and was disgusted that many of their "top picks" were on the recall list. Odd logic, but she said that alone took a lot of the credibility away from CR. She was looking into a 3-1 but actually came to me and asked for some advice. Her daughter is a trooper and she says she's certified to install seats, but she's not on the list so my guess is she took a short course.
    I advised her to go get an EFTA because it would last longer than a Marathon rf, (which she had already decided her grand daughter would be for a long time, despite what the baby's parents thought). Well, yesterday she came to me and said that she bought one and needed a little help getting it in because it was so bulky and it wasn't working right. Her daughter said it was too big, but this lady told her daughter that it would last the baby until kindergarten and that it was recommended by an "expert". Her DIL also went and bought one last night, and is coming by tomorrow during my prep period for help also.
    This has NEVER happened to me. Usually this lady gets her mind set on something and is unwilling to change, no matter what. I was so excited the baby fits in the seat so well. She also raved about how easy it was to use and how plush it was and how happy the baby was in it because she could see out the window.
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