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    Help... Marathon --> ? (Frontier, other?)


    Boy am I confused. My just-turning 5 yr-old daughter is almost outgrowing her Marathon. I've been waiting for the Frontier to come out, only to be bummed by the install reviews (even with the LBP fix). Ideally, I would love a 5-pt harness seat that is easy to move from car to car like a LPB... but based on what I'm reading and seeing, I don't think it exists. Help me figure out what to do, please!

    I took my daughter and my Lexus RX300 to a local baby store (which had a certified carseat tech work with me) and we tried out the Nautilus and the Compass 510. Unfortunately, they didn't have a Frontier yet. Both fit my car ok (the Nautilus would have taken "some effort" to get installed properly according to the tech, but he thought it would be possible). For what it's worth, I anticipate that I will be switching cars in the next 1-2 years, to accommodate more passengers. We are considering the Volvo XC90 (?), but are far from making a decision on what my next car will be. (But, I'd like to make my decision based on having seats that are narrow enough so that if we do end up with the Volvo, that it won't compromise our ability to use the center built-in booster seat for ad-hoc passengers.)

    Surprisingly, my daughter REALLY prefers to have a seat with a 5 pt harness. I guess she's used to it? Anyway, that's not a bad thing!

    Here are the stats on my two kids:

    just turning 5 yrs (90% percentile weight, 95% height)

    just turning 3 yrs (95% percentile both)
    40 in

    They both tend to be tall in the torso as compared to the legs, although that's evening out with my 5 year old.

    I was totally convinced that a Frontier would not be for me. Then, my husband suggested we get one of the harder-to-install 5 pt-harness seats to put in my car, while we get a LPB seat that is easy to move and use it in his (but keep it in my car's trunk or garage unless I leave him with the kids and take my car elsewhere). Then, if I needed to have my daughter carpool with another mom or my sister, I would just use my husband's seat. This strategy has some appeal.

    Need I mention that my daughter is obsessed with having a PINK booster?

    So now I'm reconsidering the Frontier. My husband is good at installing (the tech complimented me on how our seats were installed... woo hoo!). My kids ride in my car 95% of the time. But I do see in the next few years, that there will be more and more opportunities where I could send my daughter off with her booster with a friend/sister/etc.

    Then of course is the dilemma... do I just get two Frontiers for my car and switch both kids now so there's no drama over different seats?

    Re other seats besides the Frontier, I wasn't totally thrilled with the breast clasp on the Nautilus (compared to the Marathon), and I wasn't totally thrilled with how the padding on the back worked on the Compass. I also didn't like that the Nautilus armrests didn't go up. (Any other seats I should be considering??)

    So... do I get the Frontier and just suck it up that the seats in my car are pretty much "permanently" installed and give up the ease of a LBP install between cars?

    I like the idea of having the kids in a 5 pt as long as possible... and heck, my daughter is telling me that's what she wants! I just hate buying sight unseen (and no one locally has one I can look at... hard to believe in the San Francisco bay area!). And frankly, if I'm going to get the Frontier, I'm going to order the pink one for my daughter. My son has already requested the red one.

    FWIW, I'm not interested in the Regent... too big too bulky.

    WHAT TO DO??

    (I think I'm sold on the Frontier... but I hate these decisions! The Marathon was so easy compared to this!)

    I appreciate the help and advice!!!

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    Re: Help... Marathon --> ? (Frontier, other?)

    Quote Originally Posted by deiger View Post

    So... do I get the Frontier and just suck it up that the seats in my car are pretty much "permanently" installed and give up the ease of a LBP install between cars?
    FWIW we got the PINK Frontier and I have installed/uninstalled/re-installed it like 3 times over the last week with the "long Belt path" in our '06 Honda CRV and it just gets easier every time. Seriosly. The last time I did it (by myself) it only took like 5 minutes.

    BTW your DD is almost the same size as mine, and she has like at least 3" torso growth (probably a little more) until she's even with the top slots.

    She LOVES the pink!!

    Here are some pictures:

    PS- I share your opinion about the things you didn't like about the Nautilus.
    And I COULD NOT get a good install with the Nautilus either! I was totally unsatisfied with it, but I my Frontier. with the LBP it's in like a rock

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    Re: Help... Marathon --> ? (Frontier, other?)

    If your 5 year old wants a harnessed seat and you are willing to fork over, I'd get it. I think have 2 seats for your oldest really is a good idea. If you are ok with her in a booster part time, you can get the Nautilus or Frontier for her in your car and a booster for your hubby/friends cars. That is exactly what we do. My dd has a Britax Parkway that is our spare. She rides in it pretty infrequently but we have it just in case.

    I honestly wouldn't feel pressured to buy 2 new seats at once! If your youngest still fits in her current seat, I'd leave her in there. If your oldest has outgrown the MA, you can use the MA as your youngest's spare in your dh's car. This is actually my plan! We are buying the frontier for my oldest, moving her MA to dh's car for my ds to use.

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    Re: Help... Marathon --> ? (Frontier, other?)

    I think I've made up my mind. I'm ordering the Frontier and now it's just choosing a second seat for our "spare"... I think just writing out the post helped me make up my mind (not to mention the above replies and photos, which helped as wel!)

    Now I just hope it fits in my car well..

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