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    Cool online car seat store

    I have decided to buy the Britax Regent in cougar for my 4 year old based on the positive reviews. The only store I found that has the carseat carries the onyx not cougar. So I have to resort to online store. I don't like shopping online because you can never tell if it is delivered on time and if the product comes undamaged or with all the parts. Just wonder based on experience which online store is more reliable in sending the car seat on time and not damaged. I have narrowed down to elitecarseat and albeebaby.

    Also interested in the sunshine kids radian, but it is so new and I could not find a store that carries it, I opt for the Regent for the quality I can trust on Britax ( even though it is more expensive).

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    Moved from the reviews forum, because this is not a review. You'll get more responses here.
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    I have bought two carseats from Albee, A Husky and a Wizard. They have been excellent. The Wizard apparently 'fell off the truck' according to the UPS tracking system. I saw this when I checked to see when the seat was due. By the time I contacted Albee they already had another seat in the mail and it came through just fine.
    I too am leary of ordering from 'just anyone' but feel the cost differential makes it worth dealing with a company I've 'heard' others have good dealings with.
    I have also used TravelingTikes to buy a carseat.
    Good Luck,
    We like the cougar too but don't yet have that pattern. So far we are strict 'Funky Denim' for athe cotton comfort.
    P.S. As far as 'damage' I think it will be the carriers not the company you use that impacts how your seat is handled. They are all shipped out the same. Carseat in bag in box, no padding or any extras!

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    Do you have a Target near you? Target's website has the Regent, and if you get it and don't like it or have a problem, they will take it back at the store instead of making you ship it back. We were going to get the Regent, and that was the route we were going to go since we hadn't actually been able to see one in person before. That way if it was too big, or we just didn't like it, we could just take it to the store.

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    I ordered my son's Britax Marathon from arrived in less that a week and was perfect.
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    I got our Husky from Albee, but off of Ebay. Mine came quickly and in perfect condition.
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    I ordered a decathlon online and it came in a very damaged box and the seat was slightly broken (the eps had split on one side) and i looked like there was a slight crack on off of the reinforcement pieces.

    It came fedex (which i've never been a big fan of) and even though i dont think it was the companies fault i called them and they sent me a new one as soon as they got a tracking number for the broken one. The new one is coming Monday (they offered rush shipping but as i dont need it right away i refused.)

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    10,712 has been reliable a few times for me, but expensive ... last time I ordered online it was from & that was great (although expensive as well) -- I feel really out of the loop as far as good online deals go
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