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Thread: Need Help!

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Need Help!

    I have been lurking on the stroller boards and am was recently at Disney where I think I had the opportunity to view every stroller on the market. Yes, my husband and I were checking out strollers in the "stroller parking" areas.

    I am in need of a double stroller. I am unsure what to get! I am pregnant and due in Nov with D?#3. DS#2 will be 14 months old. I am afraid a double jogger will be too big to get around malls, hallways etc.... I was thinking about a maclaren techno double or phil and ted. Any thoughts, suggestions, opinions. If a double jogger is a better idea please let me know. Clearly, we would like the price to be reasonable, but my sanity is more important. We have a joovy ultralight, but I don't feel comfortable putting a 14 month old in the back....he will definately need a seat for napping. Thanks for all your help!!! Tasha

    Tasha, mom to Brendan, Colin and Brynn
    Brendan, 1/04, 68lbs monterey
    Colin, 8/07, 42lbs regent or radian
    Brynn, 11/08, 32lbs rearfacing in marathon

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    Moderator - CPST Instructor mom2acrew's Avatar
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    Re: Need Help!

    Oy you will have your hands full

    A Techno dbl would be a great option for you given the closeness in age but you may find down the road you need a dbl jogger type. A Mountain Buggy Urban double would be decent for shopping but it will be big to fit in the car too. Those would be my top two suggestions anyway others will have more opinions.

    Jodi CPST Mom to 5

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    Re: Need Help!

    I would suggest the Phil & Ted. I had one for about 3years and it was just great. The newborn can lie flat while your toddler sits up. Its perfect for the mall, easy to collapse, doesn't take up as much space as a double stroller and is great for airline travel. I love mine and it held up great (and I'm not gentle with my strollers! )

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    Re: Need Help!

    LOL, I'd go cheap and get an Ergo carrier for the 14 month old to strap on your back. He'll be able to see the world AND sleep whenever....then use what you have until baby can sit up for some sort of McClaren.

    Or reverse -- a good infant sling/wrap + toddler in current stroller

    Just a thought.
    My Munchkin -- Nov 2008--5 years, 45.5", 42lbs
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    Re: Need Help!

    Love my Phil & Ted's E3 Sport and they've come out with some new models (wish I needed a new one). My DH was dead set against a big ol' double beast (our girls are 3.5 yrs apart) esp since we won't be using a stroller much for the oldest. When he took it out for a test drive at a very, very crowded USA Baby, he loved it. He was able to maneuver around all the displays and was impressed that it turned on a dime. My oldest begs to ride in the back even though she's over the weight limit. I relent if we're on smooth surfaces or if a meltdown is imminent and I have yet to have a problem with tipping. When the baby was in the back at Legoland she slept out of sight so well--no one oohing and aahing over a baby to wake her up.

    When we go to the mall, I love that I have the same footprint as a single stroller and can get through any display.

    We used the car seat adapter. It's fine. I've even placed our SnugRide on it without the adapter bar (just the buckles) and it's extremely sturdy. Toddler/Newborn mode is great at first (still use it occasionally at the park) as the newborn portion kind of swings as you walk so it lulls baby to sleep. Easy to pull baby out the back if they fuss--people are so surprised if they hear a baby cry and can't see one and then I pull one out! Like a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat.

    We test drove the Joovy and I'll agree with you that a 14 mo old seems rather young for the back. Also, when the seat is down for an infant seat there is hardly any room in the back for a larger child (might be okay for your younger one for those instances you do use it).

    Find a baby store with a good selection and pick a nonbusy time (call and ask when they tend to be quiet) so you can really give a good test drive. Don't forget to try folding them up and putting them in your car!

    Happy Hunting!
    Diane ~ Mommy to
    D 3/16/04 backless booster
    G 8/16/07 (45.5", 63 lbs) Britax Frontier, Radian, Monterey booster



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