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    Used Jogger purchasing advice

    Okay, here's the situation. For one week twice a year there is a consignment (or Mom to Mom) sale here in my town. I am contemplating a purchase, but I want to get some advice so that I don't make a stupid impulse buy. The sale officially starts on 5/10, but there is a pre-sale day for consigners on 5/9. Anything decent usually goes on that day - and FAST.

    I don't really need another stroller - and DH would steam if he knew I was contemplating this - but I'm thinking about looking for a used double jogger. The only double that I have is a Sit and Stand, and I'd like something that I could use to take the kids on a jog (I haven't run on a road in years - my feet might freak out at first not sensing a treadmill).

    I've decided that since this is an impulse buy, I've made a few rules, but I'd like some input from those of you that have used them. It's got to be a decent stroller, in good condition, for under $100 preferrably.

    What brands of strollers should I keep an eye out for? What marks of bad condition should I look for? Any features I should keep in mind. I have no idea what I'll find, but I imagine there will be a couple gems there.

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    Re: Used Jogger purchasing advice

    For jogging you need BIG wheels, at least 16". A fixed front wheel is best and if you get the large wheels, you likely won't find a swivel wheel anyway. The swivel wheels are generally smaller and thus give baby a rougher ride and may have a bit of wobble and harder for stroller to stay true while jogging. A hand brake is a very nice safety feature, especially if you run on any hills or run at higher speeds.

    Off the top of my head, Bob and Baby Jogger are great names for running strollers.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that it's best to wait until baby is around a year before jogging with them. The higher speeds in jogging/running over jogging create greater shaking motion for baby and with their higher head size/weight to body ratio, it's better to wait until they are older.

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    Re: Used Jogger purchasing advice

    Under $100 for a double jogger, that's nice, is going to be tough to find. Most good double joggers retail for $300+, so finding a used one for under $100 would be a great deal! Maybe $150.

    We have a Dreamer Designs Ditto Lite (that I'm trying to sell, actually, locally though)...they're nice. Like the pp said Bob strollers, Baby jogger, some of the Schwinn ones are nice (they are made by InStep). There are lots of other makers out there, some companies bigger than others. Kelty also makes jogging strollers.

    Look for wear, in the seats especially. Make sure the seat support is fully secure (the Schwinn strollers, a while back had some problems in this area) and not compromised in any way.

    I'd also go for a bigger, fixed wheel over any of the swivel ones. Especially for jogging.

    Good luck!
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