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    Misc. Frontier ?s

    Ok, so I will likely ramble, but here I go. If you stay with me, bless your heart!

    I am not into the Nautilus, mainly 'cause I haven't been impressed with Graco. Now, I've never owned a Britax seat, so it's not simply brand loyalty leading me to the Frontier, but rather the opposite (not wanting a Graco). But there are some features that I am liking, such as the ability to harness to 80 lbs vs the 65 limit (although I realize that will probably never be an issue as my dd is tall & skinny). I'm digging the idea of TSIP as well.

    Also, let me verify: The Frontier is FAA approved, correct? I didn't see it on Britax's website, however, it was late last night, so maybe I missed it.

    Is there anything I am missing about the Nautilus that should make me look at it again? Price isn't a concern so I am leaning towards the Frontier (assuming the LBP solution will allow for a good install for me).

    Ok, & assuming I go with the Frontier.....what retailers are carrying it? We don't have Right Starts here, although I guess I could order online. *edited to add: We do have 2 Right Starts within about 45 mins each way of me...& they are getting them in this week & I'm on the waiting list at both stores!* Of course, there is elitebabyseat or amazon. Also, the Babyonthego website (which I can utilize the first time disc of 10%). Are there any other retailers that I am missing?

    Thanks in advance. Oh, & if you need stats, my daughter is almost 3.5 years of age, between 35-37 lbs (depending on her constipation issues...LOL!), & 41" tall (although, she is all legs...& still has not outgrown her Triumph, as her shoulders are below the top slot).
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