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Thread: Kidco PeaPod

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    Kidco PeaPod

    Have you ever used the Kidco PeaPod or PeaPod Plus? Please post your reviews.

    I hate lugging the Pack n' Play around. I'm thinking of getting one of these for weekend trips (hotel rooms), naps at Grandma's, and nights at friends when we want to stay later than bedtime.

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    Re: Kidco PeaPod

    I am also interested in reviews. We're thinking of getting one once the pack-n-play is outgrown to use as a travel toddler bed of sorts.

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    Re: Kidco PeaPod

    My brother has one for his 12mo daughter. Let me see what they think . . .
    Bridget, mama to Abigail 04/15/04 30lb 38in (FF Princess Radian)
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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Kidco PeaPod

    We have one but I'm just now starting to use it (DS is 11 months). He was a terrible sleeper in his younger days and when we were away from home it always ended up being easier to have him sleep with us. That is not an option anymore (none of us would sleep) so I now get him to take naps in it at home on occasion with my fingers crossed that next time we go away he will be happy to sleep in it. He does seem to do fine for naps at home.

    Even though we haven't gotten much use out of it just yet, I do think it is great. It takes up waaaay less space in the car (or even suitcase) than a pack-n-play, and sets up in just a few minutes. It probably takes just as long to deflate the mattress as it does to blow it up though. In case you haven't looked at the details yet, the air mattress goes in it's own pocket on the bottom and there is a sort of quilt that comes with it to cover the nylon floor of the tent. When DS was younger this wasn't a great set-up (given that they shouldn't be sleeping with quilts or covers) so I just put the mattress in the main compartment with a crib sheet pulled tight around it. The regular set up is fine now.

    When I was doing my research online before purchase I found that there were several people that said it was difficult to close up and that they actually did some damage trying to close it. I never had any problems like this, I just used caution the first time to make sure everything was sliding into place properly and it was really very easy. The biggest hazard is having it pop open on you before you're ready. If keeping it in one place for awhile, be sure to check the firmness of the mattress everyday. Mine loses air over time.

    I also bought one for a friend as a shower gift so they could use it at their cottage. From what I hear it worked really well. It was great to have something totally closed to keep the bugs out. They also used it for naps away from home here and there. However, I think that around 10 or 11 months her son decided he didn't like being closed in and that was it.

    If you are getting it for an older child that can express whether they would like to sleep in it or not (and assuming they say yes), I say go for it. For a younger child it could be a gamble whether they like it or not. I've had 2 year olds playing in it when they come visit, so I'm guessing they would get a kick out of sleeping in it.

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