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    Esprit Sun Speed Umbrella Stroller

    any reviews on this product??

    or any recommendations on a umbrella stroller in the $100 range available in Canada??

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    Re: Esprit Sun Speed Umbrella Stroller

    Not sure if you need this anymore, but I have one and really like it. It's nice and light and easy to manevre (sp?). Sometimes when the front wheels are on swivel they get a little confused but nothing too terrible. I love the looks of it, large lower basket, easy to lift up, folding is pretty easy (not one handed but easy - 2 steps), looks comfy. What I don't like is there is nothing for the parents, so I've added an aftermarket one that has cupholders and pockets so I have somewhere to put a few odds and ends. For $109CAD I think its best bang for buck of what I have found. When I bought it I was downsizing from Peg P3 which I loved but my kids not a real stroller kid and I wanted something lighter to tote around and possibly bring on airplane (and not have too worry about my more expensive stroller getting damaged by the airline).

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