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    Why I don't venture out on Saturdays

    It's because everyone is driving their kids around in the most remarkable of unsafe fashions.

    In a space of 4 hours free of dd:
    1) Child barely 30lbs in backless booster in front seat of truck.

    2) 5-6 year old in front seat of older model car with the regulation strangle 3pt seatbelt. His toddler sis was in the backseat in some sort of harness , but after her mom unharnessed her, she jumped out of it and I could see the entire thing shift 3-4 inches forward & back.

    3) 5-7yr old Child sitting on his knees in front seat with the 3pt over him. His dad opened the truck door next to me. Just freaky bizzare.

    I won't mention all the little kids using 3pt or lap belts or roaming free in the back seats Too many to count.

    The winner of the "WTF are you thinking in TX?" prize today goes to (drum roll please):

    The mother who has her little daughter (all I could see was pigtails) in a 5pt harness IN the front seat near the dash in a newer model SUV equipped with airbags. Kid could probably have been still rear facing. I had the impression of baby over child.

    Oh, and I'm not sure how it was attached. Is there LATCH in front seats? The 3pt seatbelt was unused. I could see it hanging by the door. But the seat was fastened in there somehow to not budge. She was more concerned about her makeup than her kid's seating placement.

    How I could be so nosy? I was sitting in my car talking with my mom on the cell phone for about 40 minutes at Walmart... then later, eating lunch in my car & reading at the Mall parking lot. People driving in and out of the spots around me.
    Don't they care about their kids? Yeesh.
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    CPS Advocate lovinwaves's Avatar
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    Re: Why I don't venture out on Saturdays

    Your Texas comment made me giggle.

    Lucky me..I can look out the front window of my house and see horrible misuse everyday
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    CPS Fanatic BabyKaykes's Avatar
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    Re: Why I don't venture out on Saturdays

    Weekends are fair game.

    Todays highlights:

    3) Shiny new Bentley with dealer plates on the freeway - dad driving. Very top of some tiny kids head visable in the front passenger seat. Empty turbo booster AND FF OHS seat in the back.

    2) Older station wagon - FF ETA, it's occupant, a baby so small you could barely see it. I only saw her (dressed in pink) flail around. Mom (the driver) reaches back and hands her a bottle, 1-2yo next to baby in a pink TB leans over completely out of the seatbelt to hold the bottle.

    1) Honda Pilot - TWO Regents in the back row. Monarch and RF BLVD in the middle row. All seats occupied - I was highly impressed.
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    Right here.

    Re: Why I don't venture out on Saturdays

    In the A&P baby about 5 mos in a really thick fuzzy type coat (75 here today) in an infant car seat with the straps clipped about the waist. The coat had her bulging out of the seat, and it was on the shopping cart (which it doesn't fit on) in a straight upright position (due to it not fitting in shopping cart). Oh and a couple with some really rowdy, loud girls in which the youngest felt in was neccesary to smack me the two times I passed her. Just had to add that.

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    Texas, y'all

    Re: Why I don't venture out on Saturdays

    Weekends are the worst! Here are my highlights from West Texas:

    * 3-4 year old TINY little girl (honestly probably still could've been RFing) in a turbo booster while her (also tiny) older brother (5-6 years old) had no booster at all.

    * 5 kids ages 2ish to 6ish crammed in the back of a Dodge Neon. Not one seat belt in use, forget about actual car seats.

    * Tiny infant in a bucket that was sitting sideways in between two adults in the front seat of an old pickup.

    Saving the most horrifying for last...

    * Small baby/toddler (he could walk but didn't look to be over 10-11 months in size) was placed ON THE FLOOR of the van while his parents buckled up in the front! I followed them while on the phone with the police. Tailed them until the police caught up with them.
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    Re: Why I don't venture out on Saturdays

    Yesterday (friday) I was having lunch and I seen this little boy, maybe 4, open a door to a suv (small one), so he opens it climbs in, I wondering where the mom is cause I really can't see if she's behind the car or on the drivers side, so as soon as he shut the door, barely, she drives off. I looked up just as he was getting in, I couldn't believe the mom was already in the car and obviously no car seat, or even seat belt, before she drove off. Maybe she should have just gave him the keys to drive himself.

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