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    Radian compatible with Pontiac?


    We're expecting baby #3, and I'm planning to put my two DDs (ages 3 and 4.5) in Radian 65's. This is mostly due to needing the option of putting 3 across in the backseat of DH's 2000 Pontiac Grand Prix (no Latch). I think when considering height/weight, etc. these will be the best option for us. They are currently in Recaro YoungSports, but nearing the 40 lb. limit.

    Does anyone know if the Radian is compatible with a Pontiac Grand Prix (again, NO latch)?
    I also seem to remember some sort of database with info about which CS's work in various car models. Does anyone have that website info?


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    Re: Radian compatible with Pontiac?

    (Carseat Data website closed - link broken) hosts the online compatibility database. It doesn't have every carseat and vehicle combination listed, though, because it's made up of voluntary entries submitted by techs/caregivers. If a particular vehicle and seat combination isn't listed, it doesn't necessarily mean it's not a workable combination. It just means nobody submitted an entry for it either way.

    There's also a thread about successful Radian installations on the forum here that you could look through for Grand Prix entries:

    You can also try the Sunshine Kids store locator to search for a store in your area to possibly try out the Radian in person before deciding if it's a match for your vehicle: Just be sure to call any listed store to specifically ask if they stock the Radian first before driving over there. Some stores only sell other Sunshine kids products and you don't want to waste a trip in terms of time and expensive gasoline, KWIM (been there, done that myself ).

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    Re: Radian compatible with Pontiac?

    I have put my DD's Radian into my Mom's Grandprix. I believe that I used the seatbelt to do so, but I don't really remember. Just as a point of advice for putting the seats in. When you install the seat, make sure the bottom of the seat is extended to the highest height, as this helps to get a tighter install with seatbelts many times.
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    Re: Radian compatible with Pontiac?

    Just a note: When doing 3 across it is sometimes better and easier to use the seatbelts, so we usually suggest this in a 3 across even when LATCH is available. Also, all LATCH has a weight limit and therefore sooner or later you have to use the seatbelt.
    Stefanie - CPST in Iowa
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