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    CPS Technician leighi123's Avatar
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    question about my grandma...

    ... is there any type of booster that an adult can use while driving?
    The reason I ask is because my 80yr old grandma is sooo tiny (4'8" ish and around 80lbs max after a big meal), so she puts the driver seat streight up and as far forward as it goes. Her chest is literally 6" from the straing wheel, which is 2" above her lap. She drives with her arms bent and legs bent compleatly.
    It really freaks me out because even in a minor accident if the air bag went off she would be squished! But she says thats how she has been driving sence she was 18 and thats how she can see best out all the mirrors.
    I did get her to move the seat back a couple inches - but still, it just looks scary to me.
    Im just wondering if there is something that we could put on the seat, so she can still see properly out the windows/mirrors but not be so close to the air bag.
    She is a really good driver, very active and sharp - so she will be driving for a while still.

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    CPS Technician Victorious4's Avatar
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    Re: question about my grandma...

    Just out of curiosity, what is the vehicle year, make, model?
    & has she taken a defensive driving course recently?
    (I take 1 every 3 years & always learn something new )
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    CPS Technician ffpmcps's Avatar
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    Re: question about my grandma...

    The problem that I see with a booster is that it will make it even more difficult for her to reach the pedals by raising her up higher.

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    CPS Technician leighi123's Avatar
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    Mar 2008
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    Re: question about my grandma...

    Its an 06' honda civic (and red, which she

    in her old car, also a honda, she had this thing that had little springs in it that she sat on, but that was only 1-2" or so of padding added to the seat (and super uncomfortable with all those little springs)
    The way she drives, is like if you were sitting in a very upright chair, with her knees bent at 90 degrees and the pedels right under her feet - it seems like such a weird position to drive in.

    She does have short legs, but mine are just as short and I move the seat back a foot when I drive her car, and lean the angle of the seat back as well (Im like 3" taller than her)

    Grammy and Levi

    I can take pics of her in the car tomorow when we go have dinner at her house.

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    Senior Community Member natysr's Avatar
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    Re: question about my grandma...

    I am about 4' 10", and have an 06 Honda Civic.

    This is what I do:

    1. Tilt steering down.

    2. My driver's seat has a lever on the side that lifts the seat cusion up and forward. I have that all the way up.

    3. Adjustable seatbelt all the way down.

    4. Seat positioned as far back as I can and still reasonably reach the petals. (I think realistically, this may be only 1 or 2 notches from the closest position.

    5. Then I recline the seat back a little extra in order to 1. make the seat belt lie in a better position across my chest/shoulder, and 2) put my face/chest further from the stearing wheel.

    It did take a bit of getting used to to not be hugging the stearing wheel, but I feel much safer now.

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    Carseat Crazy Milkie&Cookie's Avatar
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    Re: question about my grandma...

    I'm 4 11 and got in a serious accident a few years ago in my 04 Saturn Vue. The airbags went off and I didn't even feel them! I thought for sure I was going to be a gonner if I ever got in an accident with airbags. However, my knees did hit the dash and that hurt quite a bit for a few days. I have seen cars with adjustable pedals. Maybe there's an aftermarket kit you can get for the pedals. Little people need them to drive. I bet there's something you can find!
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