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    CPS Technician capeKO71's Avatar
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    Compass True Fit

    Hey Everyone - I don't post here a ton - but figured I'd give you my review of the compass seat. I'm not a tech yet... but hopefully will be one by the end of the week so long as I pass the test (class starting wednesday!)

    I just got the seat this weekend. I also have a Recaro Como, Britax Boulevard, Britax marathon, Safeseat 2, Recaro Young Sport, Radian, and a handful of other seats... so I've played with a bunch.

    I definitly give this seat a thumbs up. I think compass incorporated a ton of features in a seat that's only $189.

    Here are some of the features I love:
    * Fabric is great... plus - the cover rips off without requiring you to uninstall the seat (I think more manufacturers should do this... ).
    * Nice infant inserts - these inserts make a very roomy seat look much more cozy for an infant
    * Love the adjustable harness... so easily adjusted without uninstalling. My boulevard is sort of a PITA to adjust... you have to really wrench it up and down... where this is so easy... you just pull out each side button and slide it to the correct slot needed.
    * love how it's more of a cacoon type seat... the side impact looks fabulous
    * love the latch connectors - I haven't done a seatbelt install... and yes - the lockoffs are a little harder to "find" - being that they are positioned more where the base of an infant seat would have them then typically found in a convertible, but you just have to lift up the cover to access them. They work similar to the graco safeseat lockoffs.
    * small perk of a cup holder
    * nice britax like harness

    The cons - the no rear face tethering

    Also - just a note - it does sit "low" in the seat vs. high like the recaro & britax seats.

    If you have played with a bunch of seats, I would actually call this a combination between the Britax Boulevard & the Safeseat 2... the shape is so much more like the safeseat - but the adjustable harness and weight limits are closer to a britax (although it's not infinitely adjustable....)

    I think compass thought this seat out quite a bit. Yes it's too bad they didn't go up higher in the harness... but I don't think there was enough room for them to do that and still have the removeable head rest. I don't need this feature... but it would be nice to use this seat with a smaller baby!

    A really great seat for the under $200 mark.


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    CPS Technician Suzibeck's Avatar
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    Re: Compass True Fit

    Thanks for this review! I'm really leaning towards getting this seat when our new arrival outgrows her Compass infant seat. I really like the infant seat and I hope to like the True Fit as well. I love that it sits lower. I don't like my MA so much for ff, it sits up too high for big kids, I think. Someone else had said the harness adjuster, for loosening and tightening, was a bit stiff, have you found that to be true as well? I hope to see one in person at some point, I'd love to play with it.
    Mom to three big girls in adult seat belts (20, 17, and 14) and one booster rider (8) in a Kia Sedona and a VW Tiguan.

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    Re: Compass True Fit

    How are the harness straps? Are they kind of stiff, like the Britax straps? Also, does it look like there would be any issues with twisty harness straps?


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    CPS Technician tl01's Avatar
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    Dec 2006

    Re: Compass True Fit

    The straps are not like Britax seats (I wish!!); however, we haven't had the problem of them twisting as we had with the Recaro Como. It must be the buckle tongs that make the straps work better.
    DS 7.5 years 71 lbs FFing in:
    a Frontier90, PWSGL 2013
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    Foonf, Frontier 85, SureRide

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    CPS Technician firemomof3's Avatar
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    Re: Compass True Fit

    I found the True fit to be an excellent convertible seat! I think what makes it so great is:
    1. Incredible infant padding
    2. user-friendly harness adjustor
    3. easy installation
    4. ability to accomidate tall children comfortably
    This seat is wider and offers a deeper seat for good leg support too I really love the Britax seats but the true fit is a worthy contender!

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