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    Custom Made Car Seat Covers!

    Hiya Ladies! I want to first say that I know this is a BIG NO NO, but I am not sure I understand why. I mean I know that it voids the warranty, but other than that why are they bad? If it is not any thicker than the cover that is on the seat than why are they ao awful? I mean I would never buy one for the fact that I wouldn't pay what other people want for them, but honestly why are they so bad. Also why are the strap covers you buy in the stores to put on the straps so bad as well. I am sorry, but I am not really sure why all these things are so bad? I see all sorts of things made for a car seat like, a head support for an infant, strap covers, even Wal-Mart sells a car seat replacement cover. I mean why would they make & sell them if they were so unsafe? I am just confused as to what is wrong with them besides they void your warranty. Anyone?? Sorry if I sound so dumb, I just don't understand!
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    Re: Custom Made Car Seat Covers!

    I've gotta run and finish Easter preparations for the kids, but there was a previous thread about aftermarket/custom covers that covers (ooh, bad pun) the subject pretty well at:

    The aftermarket products are available basically because they're money makers for those that produce and market them. Other informative links addressing the why-nots of aftermarket items, and seat manufacturers statements against using anything other than what came with or was specifically designed and tested for the particular carseat model, are at: and

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    Re: Custom Made Car Seat Covers!

    They are bad because they have not been tested with the carseat so there is no way to tell how they will perform or affect the performance of the carseat in a collision. Also covers that come with the seat are generally flame-resistant.

    Whatever comes with the seat is what is allowed and tested with the seat and is considered safe.

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