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    True fit & the headrest

    Another post popped a question into my head, and I thought I'd see what other's opinions are.

    The headrest on the truefit is optional rf'ing up to 22lbs, then it becomes mandatory - regardless of kiddo's height.

    Do you think it becomes mandatory at that weight because as a child gets heavier the seat is going to have more rotation, so they wanted the headrest there for if a child ramps further up the seat?

    Or maybe the headrest actually affects the downward rotation of the seat?

    Or, maybe it's their way of trying to make sure that the headrest is attached before most kids get tall enough to actually need it.

    Anyone else have any thoughts?
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    Re: True fit & the headrest

    It speaks to me of dummy sizes. I guess the 22 pound/29 inch one year old dummy fit fine without the headrest, and the 34 pound 37 inch 3 year old dummy was too big without the headrest (once you start looking at the world in terms of dummy size, and FMVSS 213 regulations, it's hard to look at weight limits any other way, lol).

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    Re: True fit & the headrest

    yeah, i'd guess that it has more to do with size and fit than affecting rotation.
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