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    Is the harness too tight.

    I think I've asked this before but my dd's harness is real tight. She never complained in the Summit HBB and it was tight there too. I have a really hard time buckling her in and she says it's hurting her tummy (chest). With the pinch test there's nothing, can't even pinch it nevermind get a finger inside. Can it be loosened so I can pinch up to an inch? I feel like the tighter the better but there seems absolutely no give at all.

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    Re: Is the harness too tight.

    It needs to be snug so that there's not any slack, but not so tight that it causes her to slouch or is painful. You can still have it snug enough that you can't pinch a horizontal fold without hurting her.

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    Re: Is the harness too tight.

    If you can pinch an inch it's WAY too loose. You don't have to have it so tight she can't breath, but there needs to be NO slack (nothing to pinch) in the harness.
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    Re: Is the harness too tight.

    You don't WANT to be able to pinch it, but if you can't get a finger under the harness at her collarbone it might be too tight. You don't want to be able to get more than one finger under at the collarbone.
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