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    marking first birthday by turning child FF

    I couldn't resist the title, LOL, given the audience....

    DD will be one year old in a few weeks (she was due on March 15, but decided she was too comfortable inside to make her entrance on schedule last year ).

    Anyhooo... DS#2 (3 y. 4 m.) weighed 32.5 lb. when he stepped on the scale yesterday morning. I don't weigh the kids very often (every other month, maybe), and I've known for the past several months that he was close to the RF limit on his Britax seats, but also not gaining weight quickly. So... maybe we will mark DD's birthday by turning her brother's carseats FF. I'm curious what he will think of it. Hey, we made it through most of another wet/snowy shoe season with a RF child; I'll look forward to turning him around for the spring mud season, LOL (we have a dirt driveway, which always turns into a morass for a few weeks every spring).

    We turned DS#1 FF when he was about 2 (this was before I knew anything about ERF, but keeping him RF just seemed safer to us, so we went well beyond the standard 1-year, 20-pound recommendation.... but not nearly to the RF limits of the seat he was in).

    Time to move on, I guess, but it'll seem strange, at first, to be putting our little guy into a FF seat...


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    Re: marking first birthday by turning child FF

    lol about the title. Good job keeping him RF so long!
    Anna, Canadian (living in Indiana, U.S.) mommy to: Aaron born April 2005, 57 lbs, SK Monterey. Liam born at home June 2009, 47 lbs, Britax Frontier with harness. Matthew born at home August 2011, 37 lbs, ffing Evenflo SureRide.

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    Re: marking first birthday by turning child FF

    You had me fooled!

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