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    Carseat Crazy
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    New Maxi Cosi Stroller

    I was in Babies R Us the other day and saw a new Maxi Cosi stroller. It looks like it would compare to a Maclaren, but has some added features: accepts Maxi Cosi infant car seats, reclines fully, has a nice/full zip on rain cover and high handles. The current price is $179.

    Has anyone else seen this? There is also a larger stroller, looked like a jogger type or similar (was not fully assembled).


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    Admin - CPS Technician joolsplus3's Avatar
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    Re: New Maxi Cosi Stroller

    Wasn't it called the Perle? something like that... I put dd in it... either the push was hard or I kicked the wheels...something didn't *wow* me about it...but it looked nice, for sure!
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    Re: New Maxi Cosi Stroller

    yeah i saw both the perle and the other one. i swore i'd remember the names but i don't. i liked the perle but the handles seemed cheap to me...nothing compares to a maclaren, though i'm totally brand loyal so my bias will come out whenever possible.

    i also didn't like the covers, if they had more exciting colors it might be more of a selling point but they were pretty blah. i played with the jogging stroller/bugaboo knockoff more and i liked a whole lot of things about it BUT i really don't think my child would ride in it comfortably at 36" tall and 30lbs, let alone the 50lbs it holds. i also don't think it would fit in most people's trunks, even with the removeable seat and the fact that the back tires inflated like jogging strollers was a turn off. is that how bugaboos are, i can't remember?

    i did like that perle had a child and parent cupholder but the child cupholder didn't seem very useful and i don't like seat reclines that involve pulling a strap.
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    Re: New Maxi Cosi Stroller

    i put both my girls in it and it didn't push so great
    with either of them (ages 2 and 4) in it....nowhere
    near as good as my volo.

    i love how the maxi cosi mico attatches to it tho!
    Holly, mom to 5

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