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    Hip Monkey order problem?

    On Feb. 25 I ordered a Sunshine Kids Radian 80 car seat from Hip Monkey, after being directed there by the Kyle David Miller FOundation. Two weeks have passed and while I have been charged for the purchase I haven't seen hide nor hair of the seat, and my attempts to contact them have gotten me no where. I came across another thread on this site about Hip Monkey and got the vague impression that it's a business begun very, very recently to facilitate selling car seats for the Kyle David Miller Foundation, which is great. If this is true and the owner is in fact having another baby imminently, then I'll hold my complaint to my credit card company. I don't mind waiting as long as I know the business is legit, but I'm beginning to wonder. Can anyone clarify?

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    Moderator - CPST Instructor snowbird25ca's Avatar
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    Re: Hip Monkey order problem?

    I can't clarify as to if the owner is having a baby or not, but can tell you that the business is actually owned by the founder of the KDM foundation - Kyle's mom.

    So while I have no business dealing history, I do have reason to believe that the business will be reputable. It could be that when they opened up they were busier than expected due to the publicity that has been passed on through the KDMF, and that orders are just taking longer to be shipped than usual.

    I would contact them nicely by phone or email and just ask if your order has been shipped yet. 2 wks seems premature to file a credit card claim without first trying to investigate if the seat has been shipped, and then tracking it. JMO.

    (Moved from coffee break to shopping and deals since this is related to a specific retailer/shopping experiene. )
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    Re: Hip Monkey order problem?

    I emailed just to check the availability of a product and Christine (I believe Kyle's mom) emailed me back quickly.

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    Re: Hip Monkey order problem?

    She did just have a baby - the Wed during the sale I believe, 2/27ish. I, too, had some problems w/her responding to my emails and returning my calls. Then I emailed her and told her that I understood that she just had a baby and was busy with many things, but for her business to work, she has to have good c/s. (I had been emailing and leaving messages for 3 days) I said it in a nice and understanding way and she responded well and has emailed me back promptly since. The business has just started and she did mention that she was having trouble with an order of 70? radians that hadn't come in. I did order a seat from her and am waiting for it to come in. She was placing an order into Britax so I said I'd wait to get one with the 35# limit.

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    Re: Hip Monkey order problem?

    Hi new here!
    Christine did in fact have a baby. Actually the trouble is coming from SK with them being back ordered, so she is sending me a radian80 at no additional cost. I ordered a radian65 in granite and instead I will get a Radian80 in princess. She has worked with me great so far.

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