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    First ride in the BG

    Yep, ds had his first ride in his nwe BodyGuard today. It was kinda funny..I was still in the house, getting shoes on or whatever, the kids were loading up in the truck, dh had just brought the BG out there. He's out there trying to tell ds how to buckle it up. I hadn't instructed dad on it's use yet, only son LOL Son knew what he was doing
    I got back there to help him get the lock off set...for the outboard side, the one that can stay put. I'm not sure how this is going to work with another seat back there. The buckle stalk is pretty low to the seat. I dunno Hopefully after just some practice he'll be able to manage, even with a seat back there next to him.
    But if I can't make that work...what am I going to do? I'll have to move him up to the 2nd row, outboard behind driver, with the baby rf next to him. Then cram the other 3 FF seats in the rear. That would be a FPSE, MA and RA until that one graduates to a MA. And I'll have to double check the date on the FPSE too, I forget what year it is...but I'm pretty sure it'll last through the upgrade of the other kid.
    I *may* have to get the other MA and give the FPSE to the baby. To have 3 narrower seats in the rear.

    But..enough...ok...I'll not obsess about that yet LOL
    This kid won't even be here til Jan, then we'll likely have a good 6 months before s/he needs a convertible.

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    The FPSE might work well between the RA & MA - at least I'm guessing better than 3 such similar seats all wide in the same spot ... I might not be making sense & I haven't actually ever seen an FPSE in person, so I definitely can't say for sure, LOL - I'm just thinking that the RA & MA are so wide at about the same place that squeezing 3 in together might prove more difficult Hopefully, your son can stay seated where he is though & this isn't an issue I can just imagine him teaching dad how the right way to buckle in the BG
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