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    Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    I'm trying to decide between the Keyfit30 and the Safeseat for a newborn. I have an '07 Kia Sedona and the seat will be on the second row on the driver's side. Has anyone tried these in a Sedona seat?

    I need an infant car seat that can snap on the top of the grocery basket. I've heard somewhere that the Keyfit30 doesn't do this. Does anyone know if this is true? What about the SS1, can it attach to a grocery cart?

    Car seat safety is the number one priority for me but it would certainly be easier to shop if I could attach it to the cart.

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    Re: Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    Is there a Babies R Us near you where you could try them out on those shopping carts?

    Honestly, I tried doing the carseat on the shopping cart thing, and I hated it. I couldn't see around it! The seat sat up so high, and I'm just under 5 feet tall. Also, my son hated sitting in his carseat and would scream the whole time. And, maybe I was doing it wrong, but the seat was not reclined enough to really support his head.

    I would recommend getting a good sling or wrap and use that when shopping.

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    Re: Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    Several Sedona owners here can hopefully chime in about fit in the vehicle for you. You could also check to see if anyone has submitted entries for the Sedona in the online carseat compatibility database at (Carseat Data website closed - link broken). The database is composed of entries submitted by techs/parents/caregivers based on their experiences installing carseats. While the database isn't comprehensive of every possible carseat and vehicle combination, it can be a very helpful resource for carseat shoppers.

    I wanted to address the shopping cart question. Infant seats shouldn't be perched upon or clipped onto shopping carts, and most/all current infant seat models specifically warn against being used atop a shopping cart in the instruction manuals and labeling. Doing so can make the cart top heavy and more vulnerable to tipping over and injuring baby, and can also make it pretty difficult to see to steer the cart properly depending on your height. Another shopper or kiddo or the parent/caretaker could also jostle the cart or bump into the infant seat and knock it off the cart. Recommended alternatives would be to place the infant seat inside the cart's lower main basket, or to wear/sling the baby.

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    Re: Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    The AAP has a warning out against putting seats on top of carts b/c so many babies are injured that way every year.

    Both seats are great, but I'm one who usually reccomends the 22 over the KF30 as most babies will probably be too tall for the 22 before outgrowing it weight wise, but all babies are different. I have a SS1 for my dd and she just outgrew it, she'll be 16 mos in 2 days and she's just too tall for it in cloth diapers, lol. It worked well in our van and before that in our Taurus. Have fun shopping!
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    Re: Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    No, the keyfit does not fit in the front of the basket, and it takes up the whole basket itself. I would go with the graco, the keyfit just didn't work for me because of a base problem, harness problem, and now 6 months later I still can't use the seat. I bought a Graco snugride instead and have loved that more than I ever loved the chicco seat. The chicco base is AWESOME and the install is a breeze but I would rather spend more time on the install and have a seat that I love.

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    Re: Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    About wanting to put the carrier on top of the cart... I know other girls addressed this but I wanted to add my perspective.

    I work retail and I see it ALL the time. Parents will clip it on the top of the cart and walk around shopping and then when they see something they need, they walk away from the cart with the infant still on top in order to get it. We have had two incidents in the past year or two where children have fallen out of the carriers and onto the floor. Granted, these were older children who could pull themselves up and didn't have straps on... but none the less, I do NOT reccommend putting the carrier on top. And I'm not saying you would walk away from your child and neglect to use the harness... I'm merely saying, please reconsider different options.

    Instead, do what the other ladies have suggested and use a sling. The parents I see using a sling in our stores (maybe half a dozen, slings aren't very poplular around here) seem to be able to move around more freely anyways.

    As far as the whole, Keyfit 30 vs SS1... that I can't help with. I can't make up my mind yet either, but thankfully I don't need to make a decsion just yet (just TTC). I do know however my friend's son who is a peanut would have loads of time in either one, but I'm not expecting our baby to be tiny (DH was 10lbs 21 inches at birth and even though I know our birth rates don't have a lot to do with what our baby would be, still, 10lbs!) so I'm not sure. But both are definitly nice for different reasons. Good luck though with your decision!

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    Wink Re: Chicco Keyfit30 vs. Graco SafeSeat 1 ???

    I can tell you the SS1 does not "clip" on to any grocery cart. It is a monster of a seat and you have to put it inside the cart leaving not a lot of room for stuff (my hubby loves that as it limits my buying potential!). And as everybody says...its just not safe. Before I was reading here about how you shouldn't "clip" the seat on, I did try it once or twice. That involves figuring out how to perch it (not safely mind you) and I ended up crashing into a 4 year old girl I just couldn't see with it up there!

    I ended up doing like the other ladies have type holders for the first several months or a stroller and using the basket underneath for small trips and as he got older one of those strap on grocery cart covers that I could strap not only the cover but also one that straps the baby to the cart (no chance of him pulling the cover off and falling out).

    I have never used the Keyfit but love my SS1 and so does my son. Easy to latch or belt and easy for me to tote as needed (but I'm also tall and pretty strong).

    Good luck.
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