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    Help me decide what to do please...

    Hi all,
    I currently have the Eddie Bauer 3 in 1 which my almost 3 year old (30 pounds, he's gained one pound in the past year and a half, although he is getting taller). I have a 5 1/2 month old who is 18-19 pounds and is in a Peg Perego Viaggo 2005 (good until 20 pounds). I'm thinking I should get something like the Apex 65 or Radian 65 because I like the idea of harnessing my kids longer. I've also read some on here about the Graco Naultis but don't know if I'll be able to wait that long, Obviously I'd like something that is going to be good for a long time. The thing don't like about the Apex is that you need adjustable headrests. I do in my 2003 4 Runner but we change vehicles every couple of years and what if you need to put it in a grandparents vehicle, I just don't want to be limited. I see lots of you have the Britax Marathon too (but I think some kids have outgrown this one and then end up in the Radian). Any advice you could give would be amazing

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    Re: Help me decide what to do please...

    You'll be able to pass your 3-in-1 down to your younger child for the time being. For the older child...if you're planning on switching seats between vehicles very often, I would consider the Britax Marathon over the Apex (headrest issue) and the Radian (can be difficult to install, especially with forward-facing seatbelt installations and oddly shaped seats.) At 3, and with a sibling to pass the seat down to, you'll definitely get your money's worth out of a Marathon. Kids do outgrow the Marathon before the Radian--many kids get an extra year out of the Radian, sometimes even a year and a half.. so if you have extremely tall kids, this is definitely a consideration. What do the grandparents drive, currently? Maybe we'll have some input on how the Radian might install in their vehicles.


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    Re: Help me decide what to do please...

    Thanks alot for your reply. To be honest I rarely ever take my seat out of my truck. I'm thinking I should maybe get the Radian and possibly get a secondary cheaper seat in case we need to move vehicles. I was at the doctor today and my little guy weighed less than I thought 17 1/2 pounds (it had been 2 months since he was weighed last). However he is 27 inches and my carseat says maximum 26 inches. He has lots of room left above his head so I think he is still ok in the seat still. I remember when I brought my first son to the firehall to check the install of the infant seat they told me that babis coulld stay in the infant seat longer as long as they had an inch above their head. Does that sound correct?

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