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    Question Most protected kid in least protected position...

    I have been having a hard time figuring out what to do carseat-wise with my kids. I have an MA and a Scenera. My son is about 29lbs and my daughter is nearing 40. Right now I have my son rf and tethered in the ma in the outboard position. DD is in the Scenera in the center. So, I have a couple of questions/concerns:

    a) Should dd go ff in the outboard position since she'll need the ma and it obviously has LOTS more sip than the Scenera, or should ds stay in the outboard position since he's rf (even though he'll have to be in the flimsy seat)?

    b) I drive an 02 Odyssey EX-L and the middle passenger captain's chair is moved inward so that it's in the center rather than outboard position. The seatbelt stalk is connected to the wall of the van behind the sliding door, so it really seems rather far from the seat (maybe 1 to 1.5 feet). Since the anchor limit is 40lbs, dd will need to be switched to seatbelts, also. If I leave her in the middle seat, is that seatbelt too far away to keep the seat secured good and tight? I couldn't find a single thing about it in the manual. But it doesn't look safe.

    And then there's the alternative to either of them being outboard: Remove the outboard middle row captain's chair (leaving just one captain's chair in the center in the middle row) and put dd in the center of the 3rd row seat. She's actually asked me if she could sit back there several times. This is a little obsessive, but I thought about a fire in the van or the vehicle being submerged.... I want to be able to get to her in time. Man, I just think tooooooo much.

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    Re: Most protected kid in least protected position...

    If it works I would leave the RF child outboard and the FF child in the middle But all in all I think you need to do what is easiest for you.

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    Re: Most protected kid in least protected position...

    I have an '02 Ody and managed to get good, solid installs with the seatbelt in that captain's chair pushed to the center. I know it doesn't seem like it would work, but you might want to give it a try. Then you can have your DD FF in the center & your DS RF outboard. The main problem is that you can't easily access the third row, but it doesn't sound like that's an issue.
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