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    car seat in a wreck

    my husband was rear-ended, and it wasn't just a little tap, so we replaced the car seat that my son was rising in at the time, of course. everything i have ever read anywhere about car seat safety insists on this.

    the metro lawyer (my husband was hit by an on-duty metro employee) insists that we should give them the car seat if they have to pay for it, so they can use it!!! they want to give it to a poor family with no car seat. while i applaud the idea of giving poor families car seats, i have a big problem with the idea of giving them damaged car seats. the guy says, we can look and see if it is damaged. everything written on this says you CAN"T.

    i already sent them a fax with info from the century website to show that it needed to be replaced to begin with. i can't give them the seat anyway, i already disposed of it properly; i wrote in huge letters all over with permanent marker DAMAGED IN WRECK DO NOT USE and took the cover off. now i realize of course that i should not have actually disposed of it, only marked it up, because now i do not have it to show to the metro people, but this really ticks me off.

    what can i show them to prove my point? any links or ideas? something from a car seat safety technician might help my case. if possible, please reply to my e-mail below. thanks.

    scarlett martin

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    Tough choice

    Certainly, the carseat should never be used again. I'm surprised an insurance company would even consider that, given all the liability involved. I suspect they just wanted an excuse to remove it from your possession, as they do on most things they replace.

    I would definitely etch DO NOT USE into the seat with an engraver or rotary tool and destroy as completely as possible.

    You might also check with your local police, fire or health department, or hospital for a technician instructor. You can also search the NHTSA database listed in the FAQ for an instructor in your area. An instructor might even write a nice letter for you. Plus, instructors will often take used or damaged carseats for training purposes, and some areas even have bounty programs.

    Good luck!

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    Ugh! That's terrible!

    Since you already sent them the letter from the manufacturer stating that the seat cannot be used again, I think you need to go to the next level. Talk to a manager, city councilman/woman, or whomever. I can understand them wanting to dispose of the seat themselves, to ensure that you aren't selling it or whatever (yes, I know you already destroyed it), but wanting to give it to someone else to use is unacceptable! If the person you have been dealing with won't realize that, you need to go up the chain to until you find someone who will.

    Good luck!

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