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View Poll Results: What new suv to buy??

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  • Buick Rendezvous

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  • Ford Freestyle

    9 90.00%
  • Hyundai Santa Fe

    1 10.00%
  • Hyundai Vera Cruz

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    Senior Community Member canadianmom2three's Avatar
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    Jan 2007

    What to buy - new car ideas...

    Posted this over in the car safety thread, but that one doesn't seem to get the traffic like I hope this is ok.
    We are looking at new cars, well SUV really. We have always had a van, and want to keep the 7pass seating option, plus want to be able to fit 3 across the mid row (no seat, booster and radian, shouldn't really be a problem). In addition we want AWD/4WD. We have kind of narrowed it down to Buick Rendezvous, Ford Freestyle (or whatever it is called now - taurus SE or something??) or Hyundai either the Santa Fe, or the Vera Cruz. Any ideas or comments? What would you choose?

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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    Well, I know that the body style has completely changed, but I have an 03 Santa Fe and LOVE it. It has been the most reliable car I have every owned. Besides normal maintainence, I've taken it in 2x for a "funny noise" and both times I've paid more for labor than the repair itself (and both times the bill was under $100). We have the AWD version, and the biggest engine available at the time (3.5 L). It doesn't get amazing mileage, but I get about 20 MPG. It drives smoothly, pretty much like a car. The trunk space is HUGE - but I'm guessing with a 3rd row installed that would be much less now. I usually keep my Sit and Stand stroller in the car at all times, and I can still get a full grocery run in the trunk along with the stroller (including big things like diaper boxes).

    GL in your search, and test drive all the cars several times if you can!
    DD#1: 2/24/2005 FF in Coomoo MA and GN
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    Admin - CPST Instructor Kecia's Avatar
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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    Unless you're looking for a reason to buy a new CR too, I say take your Radian to each test drive and see how well it installs with the seatbelt in each of the vehicles you are considering.

    Personally, I like all the options except for the Buick. The Freestyle is now the Taurus X and it comes standard with Advance Trac (What Ford calls ESC). The old Freestyle didn't offer ESC, even as an option and that was unfortunate. The Taurus X comes standard with 6 passenger seating so you'll need the optional 7 passenger seating if you want to put 3 across in the middle row.

    My friend has a new Santa Fe Limited (with the 3rd row) and she loves it but there is little room for cargo with the 3rd row up.

    FWIW, the Ford is the only vehicle you listed that has tether anchors that are officially rated to 60 lbs (80 lbs with a vest).

    HTH and have fun shopping!

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    Senior Community Member steph's Avatar
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    Aug 2006

    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    Are these the only ones you are considering???? Because I love my Honda Pilot.

    Out of your choices I would go with the Hyundai
    Mom to R (5-steps),
    E and A (riding in Nuna Pipas)

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    CPS Fanatic
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    Jan 2007

    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    I have a Freestyle and am happy with it. You can probably get some good deals on one, either used or new since they've been replaced/renamed the Taurus X. Mine has AWD and is the 6 passenger model. I wanted the 2nd row captains chairs so that I would have that "minivan" access to the 3rd row.

    I will say that of all the cars/SUV/minivans I looked at in my price range, the Freestyle had the best 3rd row for adults and the most cargo room, IMO.
    Mommy to Kaylie (12/15/02), Teagan (12/29/05) and Sean (12/8/09)

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    CPS Technician TXDani's Avatar
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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    I like the Freestyle (Taurus X) the best out of the ones you posted because it is the most appealing one. And I know from this board that a lot of people drive one and love theirs!

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    Mar 2006

    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    I bought a used Freestlye Limited in September. Best vehicle I have ever, ever owned. I love my freestlye!

    I have AWD and it blows our truck and our SUV out of the water because it is so heavy. I don't know where in Canada you live but the freestyle blew throught our unplowed road with snow literally up to the hood on Thursday when the whole world was closed in the TO area! A 4x4 truck tried to follow my tracks in and got stuck.

    I am not the biggest Ford fan but the european influence in this vehicle is amazing. If I put a sticker over the ford logo on my steering wheel I could be convinced that I am driving the volvo it was designed from. The 3rd row is fabulous for adults and kids, folds flat easily and can still fit a full grocery run behind the 3rd row when it is up. I have the middle bench and have no trouble fitting 3 across. I keep a Clek in the 40 split making it easy to access the back row.

    I could go on for ever but the safety ratings alone on this vehicle make it extremely attractive!

    Good Luck,


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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    My parents have a Freestyle, and I really like it. I think I would consider one if I needed a new car. They have the 3 person bench in the middle and 2 seats in back. Even my dh who is 6'2" has sat in the back without trouble. He would't want to ride there for a long trip, but it's fine for short stuff. Kids sitting back there is no problem. My ds loves riding back there, he has his own cupholders, etc. There's a full set of LATCH in the third row too, then 2 sets in the middle row. I think (not positive) that all 5 rear positions have top tether anchors. It's pretty easy to flip one of the middle seats down to get to the back too. I've never tried to put 3 across, but every car seat we've tried in there has gone in easily.

    The cargo room in the back is pretty good. It has a deep well behind the 3rd row like a minivan. If the 3rd row is down flat it's even better.
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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    The poll was closed but I vote Hyundai. They have very good reliability ratings, great crash test ratings and you can't beat the five year bumper to bumper warrantee.
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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    I vote Vera Cruz

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    Re: What to buy - new car ideas...

    What about the GM cross overs (GMC Acadia, Saturn Outlook, Buick Enclave)?
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