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    Carseat Crazy classicseats's Avatar
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    Dec 2007

    Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit

    Here is a Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit. Turn the dial to adjust the harness! Big and clunky.

    P.S. I have officially maxed out my attachment space!
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    Admin - CPS Technician joolsplus3's Avatar
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    Re: Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit

    Wow, chunky!

    Hey, download picasa2, the web albums are SO easy to use, I've got dozens (no WAY can I design a webpage, btw, this is just pictures and captions, easy as pie).
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    Senior Community Member TerisBoys's Avatar
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    Re: Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit

    I remember that seat! It was newish when Josh was a baby.

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    Member JoyJoy's Avatar
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    Re: Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit

    A friend of mine had a seat like that for her DD when she was little. We rarely used it but I remember putting it in the car for her to use.
    Rearface as long as possible, Forward face when you must, Give them a boost when they need one. But most of all keep them safe as you can.

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    CPST Instructor azgirl71's Avatar
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    Re: Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit

    I remeber seeing htose. They are very big and chunky!
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    Re: Kolcraft Dial-a-Fit

    People still sell those here in NZ secondhand (makes me cringe)!

    You can use photobucket for photos too, and it makes the codes for you to C&P in here. Just click the link, and it copies and then paste it to your post.

    Free account to get too.

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