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    2005 Toyota Sienna CE 8 Passenger

    2005 Toyota Sienna CE

    8 Passenger Model

    5 full sets of LATCH
    • 3 Row LATCH is Passenger Outboard and Middle
    • 2nd Row - Each individual seat has it's own set of LATCH
    • Tether anchor is located on the lower seatback of the seat you are installing

    • Toyota has no LATCH limits for the Toyota Sienna, they defer to the CR manual. Read your Manual for clearification.

    • When RF Tethering, there is a tether spot under the driverseat down by the leg. You can pull off the plastic piece and wrap D-ring through the hole.

    • All seatbelts are Lap/Shoulder belts and lock at the retractor.
    • The 3rd row middle seatbelt comes from the ceiling and first locks into the fixed stalk. This position can sometimes be difficult for installs with the seatbelt.

    Child Restraints
    I have had numerous different makes and models of child restraints in my van in many different combinations. Some were easier than others to get a 3 across the 3rd row than others.

    To get 3 across the 3rd row you will have to use all seatbelt installs.

    • For all installs FF installs you need to remove the headrests. Don't forget to put them somewhere where they won't become projectiles.

    The Britax Regent
    Installs great in any position across the 2nd row with LATCH, both Long Path and Short Path.
    It installs great in any position 2nd row with the LBP(Seatbelt).
    It installs great both outboard positions 2nd row with SBP(seatbelt).I could not get a good install in the middle position 2nd row with the SBP(Seatbelt).

    Any Britax Convertible
    Installs great anywhere both seatbelt or LATCH
    Installs on either side of the Regent as well in the 2nd Row FF or RF

    Installs Great RF in 3rd drivers outboard with seatbelt.
    DD1 12 Seatbelt
    DS 10 Seatbelt
    DD2 8months Keyfit

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