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Thread: Combi Zeus

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    Combi Zeus

    I was in BRU today buying Gilbey's triumph advance and they had this seat on the bench.

    What a cool seat! Too bad it is rfing to 22 and ffing to 40. I was talking to the guy and saying that combi missed the boat on this one. I would pay the $300 price tag on this in a second if it rfed to at least 33 and ffed to 50 (and had the slots to do it.)

    The lockoffs look fantastic. The rotation of the seat is cool (no uninstalling to change the seat from rfing to ffing and you can rotate the seat to the side to get the kid out.)

    If anyone is in the area, this seat was an online return to the BRU in North Attleboro, Mass. The guy thinks he'll have it for a while, since he doesn't think it will sell. He might even end up sending it back to the manufacturer if it doesn't sell.

    CCO 4/15

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