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    Terry H

    Older car , Anchor points for teather.

    I have a 1985 Buick Sentry and would like to put two car seats init. I will be facing one of them forward and one of them to the rear. I only have an anchor in the middle behind the back seat. Can I offset the teather strap to this anchor? Do I need to have a new anchor put in behind the seat? Who would be able to tell me where to go and get this done and provide me with this info . I do not want to put my kids in the car until this is fixed.

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    Bill T

    Older carseats

    Call the maufacturer

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    More information, please...

    Which carseats do you own?

    How old are your kids, and how much do they weigh?

    Depending on your answers, you would probably be safest with the front-facing seat installed in the center using the tether, and the rear-facing seat installed behind passenger with no tether.

    You may be out of luck with additional tether anchors, as they were not as common before 1989. If the manufacturer does not know, you may not have them available.

    Rear-facing seats are still safe without a tether, and most cannot use a tether anyway. Front-facing seats with a harness must pass standards without a tether, though they do pass a stricter standard with a tether.

    As long as your seats are installed properly, we should be able to advise you on a safe configuration with some additional info. Thanks!

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    I prefer this configuration anyway...

    First, a rear facing seat provides better side impact protection than a front facing seat, so it makes sense to put the rear facing seat outboard and the front facing seat in the middle (assuming they fit that way). The passenger side is (very slightly) less likely to be hit than the driver's side.

    I also find it more convenient and safer to put the baby behind the passenger and the toddler/preschooler in the middle. First, I can get both kids in from the passenger side when we park in the street. My son would climb in from the front while I buckled my daughter in. If it's a particularly high traffic and narrow street (we live in Germany!), I could sit in the passenger seat to buckle my son, and then climb into the driver's seat without ever entering traffic. When we're parked in a lot, Roman could climb in from the driver's side, and I could shut the door behind him to ensure he was safe. Then I'd walk to the passenger side and put my daughter in. If I were the driver, I'd have to walk a back around to the driver's side anyway, so stopping to buckle my son on the way wasn't a big deal.

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