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    Rear facing over 20lbs under 1 year

    I am looking for a convertible car seat that will accommodate my 4 month old who is 20 lbs 9 oz and 26 and 1/2 inches tall in the rear facing position AND fit in my Honda Accord 1998 car. I had a britax and a car seat inspection guy told me he could not get a good fit. I have checked compatibility sites and seen people say both that they could get a good fit and could not. I have a 4 year old who has to be in the back seat as well so each has to be in the outboard position. I am trying to avoid having to go to Babies R Us and trying every car seat they have. Help!

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    You can always try another inspection...

    A different technician may have more experience with your Britax seat, especially with the rear-facing tether. If possible, seek out a technician instructor or senior checker in your area. Some resources are in the FAQ link under the top banner.

    You've probably seen the compatibility database:

    * website closed *

    It's a great resource, but it isn't always 100% accurate. As all the reports are personal accounts, some may conflict or be inaccurate. I am almost certain I did a carseat check and installed a rear-facing Roundabout in a recent model Accord in an outboard position. I'm not positive though, but in any case a second opinion from an experienced technician wouldn't hurt before you go through the hassle of returning your seat and trying others.

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    Also... might be interested in this link:

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    Re: Rear facing over 20lbs under 1 year

    As an Instructor I have installed a Britax in a Honda Accord. I agree with Caviller in that you may want to have another technician look at your situtation (a secound opinion you might say).

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    I've installed my RA in an Accord rear facing...

    We carpool with my friend in her Accord every few months, and I have installed our Roundabout RF behind the passenger seat without any trouble at all. I'm not sure of her model year, but I'd guess it's a '97-'99. I have not installed the seat RF in the middle, but I can't see any reason it wouldn't work there. I also know it fits front facing both middle and outboard (we actually put 3 RA's across, 2 front facing and one rear facing for our 3 kids).

    I'll call her tomorrow and ask what year her Accord is.

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    Thanks and another question.

    Thank you all so much for your replys. I feel more informed now. The problem that the first installation tech had was that the britax convertable seat, when installed to recline enough for a new born, was taking up so much room behind the passenger seat that the passenger seat had to be so far forward no one would be able to sit in the front passenger seat. Is less of a recline ok as they get older or did my installer just not know what he was doing? Also is it permissable for the front passenger seat to be crammed back against the car seat or should there be seperation between them?

    This site is an amazing resource I am passing it on to all my friends!!!

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    Yes, recline does become less necessary as the child grows

    older. My 2 year old is in a rear facing Roundabout (Eva's only 25 lb or so, and still not too tall), and her seat is just as upright as a front facing seat. A seat is reclined to keep the infant's head from flopping forward and cutting off his/her airway. As babies grow, not only do they need less recline to prevent that, they also can get frustrated with too much recline; older babies *prefer* to sit up more.

    It is also acceptable for the carseat to touch the passenger seat back. There is some debate about whether "cramming" them together might actually improve the performance of your carseat, and I know at least one technician who does that deliberatly.

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