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    Nautilus Review on WM. com

    Could someone who has a Nautilus review it on WalMart .com please? The reason I ask is that in the product description, it states "Because it adapts as your child grows, from age 1 to age 10, you can buy one Nautilus instead of a toddler seat, booster seat and backless booster. One seat instead of three, without compromising on safety. Nautilus is the last car seat you'll ever need to buy." If a parent does not know better, and does not read the manual well, they may believe this car seat is good for 7, 8 or 9 years and use it or pass it down beyond the number of years it's good for. There are currently no reviews for the seat at all


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    Re: Nautilus Review on WM. com

    I know a few people have tried posting reviews, but walmart is taking a long time to post them or there was something in them that they couldnt post.

    Here is my review (awaiting walmart to accept it & post it)

    Graco Got it Right, 01/16/2008
    By DiaSm, TX

    Overall Rating: 5 out of 5

    Product Attributes:
    Value for price paid: 5 out of 5
    Meets Expectations: 5 out of 5

    This seat can harness to 65lbs, has plenty of torso room -so it fits even LONG torso'd kids like mine, and it makes a good tall booster too!

    There is some minor assembly required but its not difficult... just snap a few things together.

    My 3.5yo has plenty of grow room before he gets to the top slots, I imagine he will be in the harness till he is about 6yo. I am truly impressed with how hight the top slots are! My kids outgrow carseats by the top slots well before weight limits.

    The armrests have really cool hide away cubby-holes for toys. The cupholder is only on the right side though, its not switchable.

    The seat is deep enough to provide good leg support for bigger kids. It has EPP foam in the headrest & is steel reinforced.

    It was a dream to install w/ a seatbelt in both my car & my husbands car. I did have to use a locking clip in my car, but there was plenty of room to fit one in there.

    The only real fall back I think the seat has is it only has a 6yr manufacture recommended lifespan... My 2yo is just now where I feel he fits in it good. I cannot imagine a 1yo fitting in it.


    Thats my EXACT review... we'll see if it makes it to the site... eventually. I posted it 01/16/2008

    I tried to use subliminal messaging to deter people from getting it for 1yos.... and I pretended to be a regular person, not a car seat advocate. I think I'll reach more regular people that way.

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    Re: Nautilus Review on WM. com

    I posted one days ago... when it first came on the site... still hasn't shown up... Walmart is SLOW!

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    Re: Nautilus Review on WM. com

    There is 1 review up now

    "This is an awesome seat! My son (a BIG 28mo. old- 38lbs/39") absolutely LOVES it! I love that it harnesses to 65lbs and will more than likely actually get him to 65lbs in a harness because of the harness slot height! (keeping your preschool'er in a 5 point harness until they are mature enough for a booster (usually age 6) is the safest thing you can do for your child) When he's ready for a booster, it will make a great belt positioning booster seat. Don't waste your money on anything else...this seat has it all!"
    Jennifer, SAHM to DD, 9.9 yrs old, 4'7", 73 lbs. Current ride is Safety 1st Incognito

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    Re: Nautilus Review on WM. com

    I also posted but it hasn't came up yet. I have a 2 year old. Life span 6 years so she'll be good til 8. She fits in it perfect, she's realy tall. It's heavy but it fit into my Camry with no problems. The only negative I can see right now is the cup holder is on the right instead of the left (harder for me to reach) Good Luck.

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    Re: Nautilus Review on WM. com

    That review is mine! lol They cut out quite a bit of my review though (I mentioned ERF among other things!) Can they do that?

    Funny how they did not post my AO Elite review
    Michelle, mom to Chase 8y/o, Connor 6.75y/o, Gracie 2.5y/o & Ava 7mo

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