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    Replacement carseat?

    Hi all. I don't post here very often but I lurk a lot.
    My dh rolled his durango yesterday and my daughter's Evenflo Triumph was in it. I had an old deluxe. I think the date was in 2005. Obv. we need to replace it but with what?

    I haven't heard back yet from the ins. company but I want to know all my options as far as seats go.

    This is for my 5yo who weighs 33 pounds today. She is 41.5 inches tall and her torso is about 13" if I did it right. (Butt to shoulders)

    She needs to be harnessed for a long time yet.
    The other thing is I don't know which vehicle we will get. We are thinking about a Ford Escape probably the older 2000-2003 models.

    I have 2 fisher price seats that I could work with in the new car and put the new carseat in my van too.

    I mainly am looking for a seat that will last a while. I'm pretty sure I don't want a Regent.
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    Re: Replacement carseat?

    what about getting a new Triumph advance? if you liked the old one, the new one is taller than the old one, has a 35lb rfing weight limit, and 50lbs ffing limit.

    or a marathon, it's about the same height IIRC as the new EFTA.
    I think for such a small 5y/o a regent is a bit of overkill anyway.

    Another option, if it will install in your vehicle, is the Radian65, it's got top slots 1" higher than the marathon.

    DS1 18/11/06 Radian and Nautilus, DS2 08/10/07 Evenflo Triumph Advance RFing

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    Re: Replacement carseat?

    I have a 41.5" 34 pound 5 year old. :-) Though her torso is 15.5". You've got a leggy kid! :-)

    You don't want a Regent? That'd be the first choice. Second on its heels would be the Graco Nautilus. 18" top slots, 65 pound harness limit, 100 pounds to a booster (both high back and backless). $150 at walmart.

    Second would be the Radian. 18" top slots, 65 pound harness limit. $180. But it can be a bear to install with the seatbelt, so if you get a 2000/2001 then I'd be wary, a 2002/2003 would have LATCH and so it'd likely be easy peasy. This is usually found online ( is good because then you can return to the store if necessary) though some baby boutiques will have it.

    Since she's so light and so leggy the Evenflo Triumph Advance may be something you want to look at. 17" top slots, 50 pounds FFing limit, $130-$170 depending on trim. This is available at Target, BRU, and I think Walmart.

    The Compass True Fit is coming out next month (in theory) with 18" top slots, a 65 pound harness limit, and I think a $200 price tag. It's a brand spanking new seat, though, so there may be bugs to work out. And I don't know if you can wait that long.

    Also next month will be a sale on Britax seats. The Marathon, Decathlon, and Boulevard would all be good choices for you. My little one rides in a Wizard (the old Boulevard). You can see her picture in my siggy. With such a short torso your daughter will have a ton of time in it. These seats go to 65 pounds with 17" top slots and not on sale range from $269-$299, on sale they can go down as low as $209.

    If you know you're getting a seat with headrests I'd suggest the Safety 1st Apex 65, which is on sale at for $80. 17.5" top slots, 65 pound internal harness limit, 100 pounds as a booster. It does require head support behind it, however, and I've seen a lot of Fords with no or low headrests.


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